26a. By Diana Evans. pp. William Morrow. $ IT didn’t occur to me that my parents belonged to different races until I was 12 years old. Diana Evans’s very enjoyable debut novel begins with death. Michael Jackson, and the twins have their own world – 26a – up in the attic. Summary and reviews of 26a by Diana Evans, plus links to a book excerpt from 26a and author biography of Diana Evans.

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This review has egans hidden because it contains spoilers. Unless you enjoy books with really lame endings, I suggest you skip this book. Twins are permanent residents of the Nigerian imagination. Two small furry creatures scurry through the night to their deaths—and are reborn as twins Georgia and Bessi. Archived from the original on 27 August Dear authors, when reading I want to be so close to a character I get into their Meh.

I hated the dad and didn’t fully daina him, his character wasn’t fleshed out and his attitude to his family was very odd.

I felt we could have gotten more about how Bessie felt instead of Georgia inside Bessie but I did say that I didn’t like the whole spiritualism piece, so I guess that’s why that bothered me. Towards the end of the novel, things became incredibly mystic, and strange. Hard to believe that this is Diana Evans first book.

Diana Evans – Wikipedia

Then they did the same thing when Georgia was older and started displaying signs of depression. This was absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking in equal measures. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. 26q 20, Roo rated it really liked it. The second half picked up at a much faster pace as you realise that something is terribly wrong with Georgia and may be unable to comprehend the subtle references to red days, yellow days, blue days and the drill.

I listened to this book as an audiobook, so several parts were really enjoyable – the author did a good job of setting the scenes: When one suffers, the other’s face throbs. Journal of Postcolonial Writing. Open Preview See a Problem? Her evas sister, Bessi, does not have the same shadow in her that Georgia has, and happiness seems to come to her naturally. It ruined my mood for about three days. She contributed human-interest features and art criticism to different evana, journals and newspapers in the UK; published interviews to celebrities; worked as an editor for Pride Magazine [8] and the literary evnas Calabash.


The Hunters seldom venture past Kilburn, content 26x Neasden’s Gladstone park and to watch the wedding of Charles and Di on television, scraping their ice-cream bowls “so that the Hunters became an orchestra”. The mother is homesick for Lagos, poisoned by depression, and filled with regret.

Well-written book about the relationship of diaa different twin girls growing up in England in the ’80s. They live with parents from different cultures English and African and younger sisters.

Apr 17, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: But as Bessi strikes out on her own, revelling under St Lucia’s 2a Pitons, Georgia’s moods swing in vivid colour, from benign “yellow” days to dangerous “red” ones. Jun 20, Kat rated it dizna liked it Shelves: Diana Evans is a highly skilled writer, guiding us through the story so beautifully. Herself a twin, she grounds her novel in the emotional complexities of growing up in twinhood: Starting so strong, it was almost inevitable that it would sag a little eventually.

I was contemplating whether I should stop reading although I really wanted to know how it ends because I just couldn’t handle it.

Homesick Ida converses with her absent mother, while drunken Aubrey mutates into his own Mr Hyde. Not for everyone, but certainly glad that I continued to the end.

Her third novel, Ordinary People, is a portrait of family life for two black couples in their 30s in South London in a year bookended by the election of Barack Obama and the death of Michael Jackson. It creates a sort of magical world within the real world, spins a story that’s almost an epic.

Diana Evans’s marvellous debut is different. The focus remains on the twins – Bessie and Georgia, and their joint-at-the-hip bond that sustains the jibes of high schoo I had picked up this book, hoping for a quick read about quirky twins and their struggle with individuality. The story follows the four girls, though mainly the twins – Georgia and Bessie – from their childhood through adolescence and into early adulthood.


I especially found the gradual deterioration of Georgia’s mental state very upsetting and it actually made me feel quite anxious reading it! Instead I ended up with a first half that dragged me along with a story about sisters, their fun-filled childhood at Neasden, their sudden move to Africa, their hopes of a reunion between their emotionally estranged parents and finally touching upon their adolescence.

Yet as the story darkens, it illuminates not only the nature of twins, but 226a universal quest for both mirroring affirmation and individuality, the perils of solitude and fragmentation, and the transcendence of all separation and loss. But she is never clearly diagnosed. I had picked up this book, hoping for diiana quick read about quirky twins and their struggle with individuality.

The Best Books of Everyone knew something was wrong but no one really did anything about it. This book is written beautifully and I liked the way the depressions 226a described, especially by using colours and how the author used Mr. It WAS well written, despite the authors intentional use of poor grammar London and Nigerian accents.

Diana Evans

She had done such an excellent job developing all of the characters and then, without warning, the book just starts to spin out of control.

This time I got a book about twins, their special bond, depression, family, wanderlust and some supernatural. We know that, just because you know what went wrong, doesn’t mean you can fix it. The writing was good, the dana less compelling. Archived from the original on 26 March