Alcmaeon of Croton was an early Greek medical writer and . Later authors such as Iamblichus (VP , ), Philoponus (De An. p. 88), and. Philosopher and naturalist Greek, who lived in the 5th century BC Some authors consider it a disciple of Pythagoras, given that continues th. View the profiles of people named Alcmeon de Crotona. Join Facebook to connect with Alcmeon de Crotona and others you may know. Facebook gives people.

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Alcmaeon of Croton also seems to have thought along similar lines, and either he took this theory over from them [i. Although Alcmaeon is crotoona earliest figure to whom such a conception of health is attributed, it may well be that he is not presenting an original thesis but rather drawing on the earlier medical tradition in Croton.

Alcmaeon might be quite independent of these Pythagoreans crotkna trying to persuade them of his distinct point of view. Bibliography Texts and Commentaries Diels, H.

Aristotle complains, however, that Alcmaeon did not arrive at a definite set of opposites but spoke haphazardly of white, black, sweet, bitter, good, bad, large, and small, and only threw in vague comments about the remaining opposites. Alcmaeon thought that the sensory organs were connected to the brain by channels poroi and may have discovered the poroi connecting the eyes to the brain i. Did he believe in reincarnation as the Pythagoreans did?

These observations contributed to the study of medicine by establishing the connection between the brain and the sense organs, and outlined the paths of the optic nerves as well as stating that the brain is the organ of the mind.

He is either the contemporary or the predecessor of Parmenides. Such skepticism about human knowledge is characteristic of one strand of early Greek thought. That Aristotle alcmmeon a separate treatise in alc,eon to Alcmaeon argues in favor of his originality.

At one extreme we might suppose that Alcmaeon only developed the simple argument from analogy, which Aristotle assigns to him De An. Most of the subjects that Alcmaeon went on to discuss in his book could not be settled by a direct appeal to sense perception e.


It is striking in this regard that Alcmaeon gave no account of touch DK, A5which is the only sense not specifically tied to the head. Importance and Influence Alcmaeon wlcmeon been somewhat neglected in recent scholarship on early Greek philosophy e.

The version in the doxographical tradition lacmeon more sophisticated DK, A Moreover, monarchia may have been introduced by a doxographer familiar with its use in the famous debate on constitutions in Herodotus III 80—3where isonomia also appears III Cambridge University Press, 97— DiscussionNew Brunswick and London: Thus, whether crotoja practicing physician or not, Alcmaeon undoubtedly owes some of his interest in human physiology and psychology to the medical tradition in Croton.

There are still serious questions for Alcmaeon, even on the more sophisticated version of the argument. Indeed, these terms are not found elsewhere in the Greek medical tradition. If he did introduce the political metaphor then it is as probable as not that he used the terms ascribed to him, especially since both appear only a little later in Herodotus, although not with a metaphorical sense.

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Another group has him born around so that his book would have been crotoan in or later Guthrie[— BCE]; Lloyd[— BCE]. Alcmaeon explained each of the individual senses with the exception of touch, but these accounts are fairly rudimentary. Alcmaeon agrees with these Pythagoreans in regarding the opposites as cortona of things. However, certain parts of the catalogue are very unlikely go back to Aristoxenus and we cannot be certain that the inclusion of Alcmaeon was due to him Huffman— Views Read Edit View history.

It is unclear whether he also presented a cosmology in terms of opposing powers, but we do have some testimonia concerning his views on astronomy. Surviving fragments attributed to Alcmaeon include, “The earth is the mother of plants and the sun their father”, and may be also, “Experience is the beginning of learning”, attributed to an Spartan poet named Alcman.

Thus, the pubic hair that develops when human males are about to produce seed for the first time at age fourteen is analogous to the flowering of plants before they produce seed DK, A15 ; milk in mammals is analogous to egg white in birds DK, A Isocrates DK, A3 says that Alcmaeon, in contrast to Empedocles, who postulated four elements, said that there were only two, and, according to a heterodox view, Alcmaeon posited fire and earth as basic elements Lebedev It was he who first crotkna that health was a state of equilibrium between opposing humors and that illnesses were because of problems in environment, nutrition and lifestyle.


Alcmaeon of Croton

Greek texts of the fragments and testimonia with translations in German. No issue concerning Alcmaeon has been more controversial than his date. Joseph Petrucelli, II, M.

Although a significant number of scholars argue that there is a purely aristocratic application aldmeon isonomia as the equality of aristocratic peers in opposition to a tyrant e. These reports are not inconsistent and conform to the epistemology with which Alcmaeon began his book.

According to one report, Alcmaeon thought that the head was the first part of the embryo to develop, although another report has him confessing that he did not have definite knowledge in this area, because no one is able to perceive what is formed first in the crotoona DK, A Alcmaeon discussed a wide range of topics in physiology including sleep, death, and the development of the embryo.

Although Diels accepted the text as Aristotelian, others have seen the parallel with Iamblichus as evidence that it is a remark by a later commentator and have pointed out that the report in Iamblichus involves several chronological ceotona e.

alcmeom Even if this is a dedication, it does not follow that Alcmaeon agreed with crotoba views of his addressees. Aristotle provides the primary evidence for such a cosmology in Alcmaeon Metaph. Alcmaeon addressed his book to three men who may have been Pythagoreans: The idea that health depends on a balance of opposed factors in the body is a commonplace in Greek medical writers. Open access to the SEP is made possible by a world-wide funding initiative.

Pre-Socratic philosophers by school. He is reported to have recognized that the planets have a motion from west to east crotonw to the motion of the fixed stars.

Alcmaeon, son of Peirithous otherwise unknownlived in the Greek city of Croton on the instep of the boot of Italy.