Final entry into the Alpha Centauri system and insertion into Chiron orbit would be In GURPS Alpha Centauri, we assume that each Project actually repre-. GURPS Alpha Centauri is the usual high quality research and writing that SJGames puts out. I only have the hardback copy of the book, and. GURPS Alpha Centauri came out in , towards the tail end of GURPS 3e’s lifespan. That’s three years after Alien Crossfire hit the shelves.

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Prime Function Aki Zeta 5 Norwegian Erratic, Discoverers, Cybernetic agenda, hates Fundamentalism Asexual cyborg whose half-robot populace has trouble getting themselves to make babies, but will be teching on towards victory while you’re still trying to bang rocks together. This section includes profiles of the faction leaders, along with the stats necessary to use guros as non-player characters in campaigns.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Most often accused of assassinating the colony ship’s captain, despite a complete lack of proof and claiming, for once, she didn’t kill anybody.

He’s got two or three other campaigns dentauri line ahead of a SMAC one though. Sean Punch pages, full color.

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? As the fanatical Believers of Sr.

Age of Ravens: GURPS Alpha Centauri: The Unity Incident

Amazon Second Gyrps Pass it on, trade centahri in, give it a second life. Only one faction could win control over Planet and the destiny of humanity. Get to Know Us.

Yes, a lot of players don’t realize that fighting the both Alien the proper way and exterminating them with WMD’s actually works pretty well: In this section are some of the Advantages, Disadvantages, and Skills players will want to give their characters.


I think its perfectly reasonable that planet could have some parasitic lifeforms that constitute benign infections, especailly when its intelectual capacities are not top notch.

If played by the AI they will reach epidemic levels of city expansion before you can field a navy, making conquering their strung out train wreck of an empire almost as bad as ignoring it – unless you’ve done your research, have a decent army, or gkrps him a non-person to gang up on. Or fuck it, build mega-sized rain condensers and echelon mirrors to channel rain and sunlight over the whole fucking continent to boost solar gurp.

Chapter 3, “Factions”, provides an in depth look at the various political and social agendas that exist among the colonist’s leaders.

GURPS Alpha Centauri

Views Read Edit View history. University of Planet Leader: But if you really want a spacey 4x game, there’s centaauri Galactic Civilizations 2, although unlike SMAC, GC2 is way, way, way the hell soft scifi and doesn’t take itself gyrps even for a moment 3 specific types of armor which only work for one weapon attack each, and space systems being completely intertwined in terms of distance-Failing Physics and Distance Forever.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. You can usually find a scan of this book in 4chan’s rapidshares catalog.

Alpha Centauri – 1d4chan

Would you like to tell us centaauri a guprs price? I just wish he didn’t use rapidshare Because you can drill to Aquifer and make elaborate giant rivers to boost trade after raising a fuckhuge mountain, or make a series of hills and use the winds and the rotation of the planet to make natural rainforests. I have it and it includes SMAX.


Let me see if I can remember where Alinestra posted a link to the website. You’ll have to hunt for pictures of some of the leaders, as they frequently do not appear on the pages that they should be on. I centwuri don’t get their obsession with symbiosis. Only one faction could win control over Planet and the destiny of humanity.

Even so, the supercharged Mind Worm attacks in the expansion can eat these up just as well.

All about everyone being equal and subservient to the whole, even if it requires brain stapling for the greater good. Conquer your rivals and make your vision the one that shapes the future of humanity! Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. This guros does a very admirable job at attempting to give people a chance for role playing in the world of Alpha Centauri.

It’s not an adventure book, so you’ll have to do the usual amount of hard work yourself to put together coherent adventures for it. Set in the early days of ecntauri colonization of Planet, it chronicles the war between the UN Peacekeepers and the Spartans.

Read all the novels which Alpha Centauri multimedia producer Michael Ely wrote based on the award-winning game: Beyond Earthwhich is, if not a sequel, than at least a game built with the same creative Grups with some of the same concepts, minus the government civics, plus D.