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Let get a quote! That is if there arhoga only 1 or two tufnol gears in the whole box Also the Nylon is not re-inforced.

Product information

Hey guys, thanks for the reply. New machines via email!

The all-up weight was lbs. Yeah, I tried to upload pics into the document but whenever I try it asks for an URL instead of a ‘browse file’ to upload. Milling When milling, the quill can be locked in the desired position.

Whilst the early models are rare the EM was heavily promoted and sold well in both European and North American markets from the s to late s. Crailsheim, Germany dealership location.

Nope, just picked up new bearings, keystock and re-splined Moter- and Main shaft.

On my question if they’ve ever repaired one, they said that they ship them back to Sweden. Still, it will be a great advantage of time saving and some accuracy improvement to add a linear scale, at least in the manually-moving direction, so I can mill shoulders and similar features to a very high level of precision and repeatability.


I’ve serched high and low for them If wrboga are going to buy an Arboga, check qrboga the cutter-retaining parts are with the machine, or budget accordingly to buy them.

Front stacker Kalmar DCG Leading European marketplace for used machines. Was getting kind of worried on the last replies in the ‘General’ section.

Arboga U Project

What does 5208 mean for buyers? Hey Ola, welcome to the discussion. Of course occur anyway during the purchase process differences of opinion. Mark,these contactors have been obsolete for at least 25 years and although common at one time,were not exactly brilliantly designed.

Unaccountably unless they are, perhaps, Russian atboga some machines have their head assemblies made from “mirror-image” casting; this, of course, has the effect of putting the gear levers on the right-hand side and the quill-feed controls on the left.

For more information call us or send an e-mail. Phenolic gears also known as “Fiberoid” sp was a design element in some expensieve mechanical devices. There are one or two details about the spindle that are worth knowing: Decided that I will paint it in arblga same color as my South Bend.


Machineseeker Trust Seal

More than 1,6 million customers are waiting for your machinery! All brand names are the property of their respective owners. But he said “you can use enclosed ones as well, it’s up to you”??? There is also some play in the Y direction, or was it X??. Read more about autobids By filling in an autobid, the system automatically bids for you against counterbids.

Even worse, just got a phone call from the local ‘motor wirer’ one of the fields is shot and the rest of the stator doesn’t look fit either.

If booked within XX: No base is included in the purchase price – this can be purchased optionally EIA: Steyr, Austria dealership location. Safety The machine is supplied complete with a thermal overload switch, no-volt release and emergency stop.

There are two half molten home type wall sockets on the machine which I think have been used for ‘lighting’. Well I don’t think I am going to make the budget. I’ll let you know on the outcome as soon as the machine takes its first cut.