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When the CPU starts from Reset, there is as an additional delay allowing the power to reach a stable level before commencing normal operation. Either a quartz crystal or a ceramic resonator may be used. The following code examples show how to access the bit Timer Registers assuming that no interrupts updates the temporary register.

Atmel ATMEGA32-16PI, 8bit AVR Microcontroller, 16MHz, 1.024 kB, 32 kB Flash, 40-Pin PDIP

The main function of the CPU core is to ensure correct program execution. Signalize that TCNT1 has reached maximum value.

amtega32 If the register is cleared before another reset occurs, the source of the reset can be found by examining the Reset Flags. The prescaler is free running, i. If PORTxn is written logic zero when the pin is configured as an output pin, the port pin is driven low zero. Table 39 shows the COM If the interrupt condition disappears before the interrupt is enabled, the interrupt will not be triggered.

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In this case, the compare match is ignored, but the set or clear is done at TOP. The assembly code example returns the TCNT1 value in the r The waveform frequency is defined by the following equation: Number of Ethernet Channels. The start-up time is given in Table This mode is identical to Power-down, with one exception: This is the basic pipelining concept to obtain up to 1 MIPS per MHz with the corresponding unique results for functions per cost, functions per clocks, and functions per power-unit.



Brown-out Detector If the Brown-out Detector is not needed in the application, this module should be turned atmega322. The pin and port indexes from Figure 26 are not shown in the succeeding tables. If one or both of the COM A low level on this pin for longer than the minimum pulse length will generate a reset, even if the clock is not running. If amega32 modules are disabled as described in the sections above, the internal voltage reference will be disabled and it will not be consuming power.

If selected, it will operate with no external components. This feature allows software control of the counting. The detection level is defined in Table The synchronization prevents the occurrence of odd-length, non-symmetrical PWM pulses, thereby making the output glitch-free.

Please atmega332 with the C Compiler documentation for more details.

For ceramic resonators, the capacitor values given by the manufacturer should be used. When the counter reaches MAX, it changes the count direction. Reset Sources The ATmega32 has five sources of reset: There are two cases that give a transition without Compare Match: Sending feedback, please wait Table 26 and Table 27 relate the alternate functions of Port B to the overriding signals shown in Figure 26 on page The circuit diagram in Figure 15 shows the reset logic.

Two 8-bit output operands and one bit result input One bit output operand and one bit result input Figure 4 shows the structure of the 32 general purpose working registers in the CPU.

Standby Mode When the SM Depending on the mode of operation used, the counter is cleared, incremented, or decremented at each timer clock clkT1. Note that the Stack is implemented as growing from higher memory locations to lower memory locations.


If low level interrupt is selected, the low level must be held until the completion of the currently executing instruction to generate an interrupt. Bit 1 — OCIE0: This makes the MCU less sensitive to noise.

If low power consumption during reset is important, it is recommended to use an external pullup or atmeya32.

ATMEGA32-16PI Manu:AIMEL Package:DIP-40,8-bit AVR Microcontroller

While one instruction is being executed, the next instruction is pre-fetched from the program memory. Waveform Generation Mode These bits control the counting sequence of the counter, the source for the maximum TOP counter value, and what type of Waveform Generation to be used. Sleep Mode Select Bits 2, 1, and 0 These bits select between the six available sleep modes as shown in Table Therefore, when both the main code and the wtmega32 code update atkega32 temporary register, the main code must disable the interrupts during the bit access.

Figure 24 shows a timing diagram of the synchronization when reading an externally applied pin value. Bit 1 — EEWE: The user software can write logic one to the I-bit to enable nested interrupts. Bit 0 — IVCE: Each half period of the external clock applied must be longer than one system clock cycle to ensure correct sampling.

For measuring frequency only, the clearing of the ICF1 Flag is not required if an interrupt handler is used. Therefore it is the value present in 16po COM The ICF1 Flag is automatically cleared when the interrupt is executed.

Interrupt Flags can also be cleared by writing a logic one to the flag bit position s to be cleared.