to discover the changes that happen going from stage play to screenplay Back to August, Osage County and Pulitzer-winning Tracy Letts. August: Osage County screenplay – For Your Consideration – post author Don. More from The Weinstein Company. This brings us to 33 scripts. Read, review and discuss the entire August: Osage County movie script by Tracy Letts on

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Approaches Beverly’s swivel chair, touches the back, You were both fucked-up. We stay with Barbara as she climbs out of the car, stares across the road, waiting for Violet, who can be heard retching. Bill joins him, still barefoot.

I mean is this an accident, or suicide —? Oh, there he is. Ivy looks to Johnna, embarrassed. I’ll sing a sweet serenade whenever you’re feeling sad? Prickly pear, prickly pear. I don’t understand this meanness.

Script Gods Must Die: August, Osage County

Violet is off the osaeg, standing in hall, watching Ivy. He smokes a lot of grass. Barbara does, starts for the staircase, meets the just awakened Jean coming out screenpllay her room, concerned. You Hi, Aunt Mattie Fae — give me some sugar! Just because I said she’s not blameless, it doesn’t mean I blamed her. An empty aluminum rowboat lolls listlessly, tied haphazardly to an old wooden dock.


Does that count for anything? I know it’s unorthodox for cousins to get together, – at least these days Don’t you know not to say Cowboys and Indians? After you got your money out of your safety deposit box.

The sisters climb out, follow him to the water’s edge. They’re showing it with the scene in color restored. He’s talking to someone we do not yet see. We’ve got a whole bucket of these at home with your name on it, evidence for the medical board.

What a load of absolute horseshit.

He drank a whole bottle of rum, Ron Bocoy White Rum. What, to get around approvals?

Calls at three AM about people in your backyard? BILL I don’t remember a hardback edition. She’s got a doctor in every port.

Great, now we get some dramatic criticism. You have to tip your cap to anyone who can stay married that long. It doesn’t make any sense. But hey, it put food on the table. I know what they say. Bill notices something in his rearview, a red speck, coming up fast, very fast. I lost my temper at dinner and went too far. Wells and Letts, who wrote the screenplay inserted a few—notably, Roberts chasing Streep through an open field—but the film never weds the action to the Oklahoma landscape. Another hand enters frame with a sponge, begins cleaning off the mud, filth.


Phantom of the Opera, counfy Create a new account.

August: Osage County () Movie Script | SS

Yeah, I got that part. And no one saw it go. Barb and Ivy help a distraught Violet. You never would’ve gotten Beverly Weston out of Oklahoma. Some part of you girls I always identified with.

August: Osage County (2013) Movie Script

So rather than once more. You know, I’m not saying that I blame her. JEAN Dumps ter over there?

BILL This discussion deserves our care. Here we go round the prickly pear.