We sell used & new Pearl Lighting Consoles by Avolites. Select from the best prices and availability in the world. 7 products offers 7 avolites pearl dmx controller products. About 57% of these are dimmers, 28% are led displays. A wide variety of avolites. Used, Second hand Avolites Pearl Controller of the best quality on the second hand market. With over 25 years of experience, our deals are the best.

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A term used to describe a somewhat dull or stippled surface that is moderately reflective.

Avolites Pearl 2010 Lighting Console

Generally, anything that will carry electrical current, but usually refers to an insulated wire. An apparatus, usually 19″ long, that contains a group aavolites electronic dimmers that are installed into a dimmer rack.

A third item is connected to the second in the same manner, and so on until all items have been connected.

Short for Electrical Current. Adjusting the color temperatures of various light sources so that they are all the same, or to make them match existing light sources, e.

Front panel now reverse printed Polycarbonate Laminate using technology from the Diamond 4, this is incredibly hard wearing and looks excellent. Abbreviation for Direct Current. Any item used to make an electrical connection between two or more separate conductors.


Avolites Pearl 2010 Used, Second hand

ppearl A voltage that maintains constant polarity. A system that simultaneously transmits more than one digital signal. The entire Fixture Library of more than 3, files Over a hundred show files. Short for Ellipsoidal Spotlight. A ballast uses electronic components to limit electrical current.

They are often used to retain other items, such as color wheels, barn doors, etc. Removable external Memory Stick. A small, round 22010, diffuser, reflector, or gobo, placed close to a light source, used for dimming, softening, bounce lighting or casting shadows, respectively. As with all Avolites consoles, the Pearl is designed for quick and easy programming and playback.

Avolites Pearl The Pearl abolites Avolites introduce a new contemporary streamlined look for its global bestselling console.

The Pearl sees Avolites introduce a new contemporary streamlined look for its global bestselling console. Some dimmer packs are designed for permanent installation. It can be configured of various shapes and sizes, and may be composed of one or more pieces.

Avolites Lighting Products

Short for Diffusion Material or Diffusion Media. Shape Generator for instant creation of patterns and effects. The standard household male, parallel-blade plug that may or may not have a ground pin. Preset Focus Palettes provide fast building blocks for functions such as pan, tilt, colour, gobo, etc. A flat metal apparatus with a circular hole in the center used to reduce halation and sharpen the image when using patterns.


Of or relating to the film and video industries. Cyclorama Light Cyc Light: A term used to describe the use of binary code to record information that has been reduced to numerical form; usually instructional information in regard to control consoles.

Traditionally, cycloramas were dome shaped or horizontally curved, but may now also be flat or vertically curved, as well. Avolites Pearl Expert Titan V All memories and chases built from preset focuses are automatically updated once the preset focus is edited.

The lightest significant area of the subject or scene, versus the darkest.

This is usually accomplished by utilizing color media filtersbut adjusting the input voltage levels is a method sometimes used for certain light sources. An opaque or translucent material having one or more cut outs that will allow light to pass through in order to project a dappled form or pattern, such as the suggestion of the shadows of tree branches, avoiltes the subject and background.

An electrical current that maintains constant direction.

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