Bidayat al-hidayah (Beginning of Guidance) {بداية الهداية} By Imam Ghazali {امام غزالي} Arabic Editions Bidayat al-hidayah fi al-adab. Bidayat al Hidayah was written by Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al- Ghazālī during his last days. It is a guidebook describing the principles of getting . بداية الهداية ويليه: عقيدة الإمام الغزالي. BIDAYAT AL-HIDAYAH + ‘AQIDAT AL- IMAM AL-GHAZZALI. AUTHOR. Imam Hujjat al-Islam Muhammad al-Ghazzali (d.

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Do not talk during the ablution. Late-afternoon Prayer and the Evening Prayer read one of the medium suras, e.

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There is a Tradition that the recitation of these ten sentences until sun-rise uninterrupted by conversation is more excellent than the emancipation of eight slaves from the descendants of the prophet Ishmael may God’s blessing and greeting be upon both our prophet and him! An enemy who is intelligent is better than a friend who is stupid. No one can reach the ending until he has completed the beginning, no one can discover the inward aspect until he has mastered the outward.

AU this is the subject-matter of this chapter.

Continue these ten forms of praise of God, and do not speak before the rising of the sun. Dar Ibn Hazm Beirut. To say this seven or ten times is good if you are performing your ritual prayer alone. He, however, should loudly read [22] the Fatiha [i. Ghazzali al, Abu Hamid Muhammed. We find in Tradition, “Surely man speaks a word in order to make his com- panions laugh; for this he will be hurled into the pit of Hell for seventy years.

Do not omit reflection on the approach of bidayay appointed term [i. Then wash [7] your right foot, and after that the left, together with the ankles. After the Late-afternoon Prayer until the sun-set, occupy yourself only with the activities similar to those which are recommended above to be done after the Noon Al-hirayah. Observance of these rules will make his sleep jully hlamic; disregard ofthem, however, is not a sin After sleeping m al-hidayqh Islamic way, a Muslim should also follow Islamic methods.


God, I seek the protection of You from being given my record of action in my left hand or behind my back. One who seeks bidahat world by means of reiigion will lose both worlds, whereas one who forsakes this world for the sake of reiigion will gain both worlds.

Admonition has a distinctive quality and form and requires kindness. When morning comes and. Do not, therefore, be pleased with that in yourself. Whoever does this, lifts up his spirit to the throne of God, and he is written down as performing ritual prayers until he wakes up.

Should you be able to purify your soul from these, you will know how to guard against the remaining evil qualities discussed in ‘the Quarter on the Destructive Qualities’.

After you have finished the prayer and said as-salamu ‘alaykum wa bidayzt Allah may peace and mercy of God be upon you! There is no god but God alone; He has no partner; to Him belongs the kingdom and to Him belongs praise; He gives life and causes death, but himself is Ever Living Who never dies; in Bidayzt hand bidxyat all good, and He has the fullest power over everything.

How to keep awayfrom this sin is suggested in this chapter. Certainly the fruit of knowledge is aetion in accordance with it. This is the best state for you and for us. By this second way also you will be among those who will achieve success in the Hereafter. Know that wrangling causes the hatred of God and man.


Or with regard to them he may occupy the position of scorpions, snakes and harmful beasts of prey, from which men expect no good, while fearing the evil they may cause.

Then proceed towards the al-hidaayh. After this perform two rak ‘as which belong to the established sunna prayer. But he makes wrong use of it and thus commits sins. He will not look at them if there are women among his followers, so that they may depart first. When the Imam i. For this clarification, material is sometimes added in the text and put between square brackets.

When he says as-salatu khayrun min an-nawm al-hidayau prayer is better than sleepyou say, ‘you have spoken truly and you are right, and I bear witness to that sadaqta wa bararta, wa and ‘ala dhdlika min ash-shdhidfn.

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When you have completed the responses to the man who makes the call to ritual prayer, supplicate: So you must learn them. Gbservance of the suggestions made here will make him a good believer, a religious man of the higher grade. In the worid of perception and the unseen worid no inactive thing remains inactive and no moving thing moves, except with the Most Compelling One 16 of the heavens and the earth being aware of these [4].