Read Dr. Homa Katouzian’s spot-on introduction to Sadeq Hedayat’s The Blind Owl, Iran’s most revered novel and a legend of psycho-fiction. Hedayat’s Ivory Tower: Structural Analysis of The Blind Owl. A working In an effort to understand the works of Sadeq Hedayat better; in fact, to gain an. Indeed The Blind Owl barely needs introducing—it’s the most famous Persian novel in Iran and the West (U.S. and Europe), and Hedayat is.

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In Indiatwo translations appeared in the Malayalam language. A revised second edition came out in From the bottom of my heart I desired to surrender myself to the sleep of oblivion. It was finally mine. Views Read Edit View history. It would seem that the behavior, thoughts, aspirations and customs of the men of past ages, as transmitted to later generations by the medium of such stories, are among the essential components of human life.

When night came on I lost the tracks but continued to walk on in the profound darkness, slowly and aimlessly, with no conscious thought in my mind, like a man in a dream. Bashiri’s translation was revised in and again in And it sat there for years.

I have no doubt that melancholy ingrained in his character led to his suicide, but I also believe that there is an exuberance in his writing that counteracts it.

The Blind Owl

hedayt I thought of the judgment of every Iranian I knew who, without a blink of an eye, would swear ultimate allegiance to The Blind Owl. The first, entitled Kurudan Moongawas translated by the famous novelist late Vilasini.

Vahshi Bafqi — ‘Orfi Shirazi. Becoming obsessed, he searches for her without success, until she turns up on his doorstep and then dies in his bed, following which he dismembers her body and buries it in the ancient city of Rey.


Was it simply the gore that made it unacceptable to the establishment? Have you read it? Hedayat was, after all, pretty much bicultural, and The Blind Owl, as many have declared, is in certain ways a Western novel following and even making indentations in the European tradition.

While narrated in the blnd person, there is no unified account here. After serialization in the journal Iran inthe history of The Blind Owl has been largely a hide and seek with authority. The artist of the first part, Beard notes, is immersed in a platonic love state, given the task of representing his muse, the beautiful young woman who, like an angel, appears at his door only to die in his hedayxt. As to the conventional alternative: And like these contradictions, so existed The Blind Owl, whose biggest challenge, one could assume, was that of audience—many Western literary references glind lost on Iranian audiences and many Iranian folkloric descriptions were alien to Western readers, and yet the book held its place among both readerships.

We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. Tellingly, even the aperture in the wall through which he saw the indescribably hdayat girl disappears, blocking hhedayat off entirely from his blinnd. But that was only part of it. The narrator does describes scenes from his life, ranging from singular impressions that haunt him, as in the brilliant hedyaat of a great beauty offering an old man a morning glory that he sees while peering through a small hole in the wall, to more extended descriptions of his loveless marriage or his parents including the outrageous test his mother demanded his father and his father’s twin-brother subject themselves to.


Am I not now writing my own personal piece of fiction?

December External links: I began to walk and involuntarily followed the wheel-tracks of the hearse. And then the part of me that believed I would get over this wanted everyone to know about this breathtaking novel that had, over many personal peaks and valleys, grown to mean the world to me.

A story is only an outlet for frustrated aspirations, for aspirations which the story-teller conceives in accordance with a limited stock of spiritual resources inherited from previous generations.

Written in Persianit tells the story of an unnamed pen case painter, the narrator, who sees in his macabre, feverish nightmares that “the presence of death annihilates all that is imaginary. In Part II, there is no blidn of him being an artist and instead he is the confessor, a writer telling his story to, we can assume, save whatever is left of his sanity.

The Blind Owl is the foremost work of twentieth-century Iranian fiction and remains tremendously influential, a Kafka in a literature that, while very rich, has no towering counter-balance such as a Mann, Hesse, iwl Musil.

The Blind Owl is well worth engaging with at length, evenbut anything but straightforward.

The Blind Owl (Sadegh Hedayat) – book review

Blnd most dismal side of me could think of no other author, no other work, to jinx myself with. It was no doubt the superstition about suicide. The Blind Owl – US.

Die blinde Eule – Deutschland. Everyone in Iran has read it.

The Blind Owl ; Persian: