If you are primarily doing bojutsu, Ultimate Bo (traditional and combat) . Learn a Kata/Form: Rather than just learning random techniques here. Bojutsu techniques The Japanese martial art of wielding the bo is bojutsu. The basis of bojutsu techniques is te, or hand, techniques derived from Quanfa and. Although bo staff spinning isn’t the first things you’ll learn when studying bo staff, it’s certainly one of the more impressive techniques. Like with.

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The way you are spinning it is slow and very easy to knock out of the hands with just a hand. So, where should I go from here, to take my skills to the next level?

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Bo Staff | BlackBeltAtHome

This can be done within months, if you train a few times a week. It does make it easier to learn the staff, with prior traditional martial arts experience. Your goal is to be on cereal boxes sold inside of martial arts academies? So after a few years of twizzing and twirling, you can stick all your bo staff techniques together in an almight kata, play some thumpy bang-bang music and look damn impressive.

If you did not realize it yet, a bo is really just a glorified, combat oriented, martial arts laden stick.

The traditional Japanese bo, the rokushakubowhich literally translates to six-foot-staff, is a good fit for most. Make sure it is smooth and techniqies down so that splinters will not become an issue, you may want to coat it with some sort of outer protectant.


Bo Staff Techniques

Remember that a bo is an over sized item, so expect to pay an added shipping fee due to its size. Nice to meet you, and I am glad to hear that you are back into the arts. If you are primarily doing bojutsu, Ultimate Bo traditional and combator combat bo — you are going to want a staff that is your height, or slightly taller.

If you want to make your own, or know someone who is good with woodworking, get a custom bo!

All ten toes facing forward, front knee bent, back leg straight, shoulders square. August 7, at 5: A simple up-down, side-to-side motion.

October 12, at 8: Sorry for the late reply, our wordpress comment notifications were not working. I am interested in your thoughts on some basic techniques to use my staff in case I need to bojufsu self-defense.

This will create a more rounded motion as you finish into the cat stance. Glad I found out. October 29, at Shawn, I am so glad that you are learning, and it feels as natural as a class! Local Martial Arts Supply Store.

Black Belt at Home Blog

A kata requires intense focus, concentration, rhythm, striking, stances, breathing, yells, memorization, and heart. March 20, at 2: It seem like I am in a class. July 13, at 5: For Sparring Bo and combat practice, you will need something that is safe enough for actually hitting each other with.

You can absolutely learn through home study with the right focus, discipline, and intent. Just call up any local Tae Kwon Do, Karate, or other school and ask if they have any bos in stock.

I used to practice nunchakus as a kid with a long sock, you work with what you have. And this guide made my day so thank you! But the stances actually create the foundation for everything your upper body is doing. If you are training to learn freestyle techniques, forms, and possibly even dabble into competitions, then you are going to want a lighter weight bo.


May 7, at 5: Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Rather than just learning random techniques here and there, learning a complete kata will do techniqes much more good.

April 29, at 8: I want to learn the bo, because I think its a pretty awesome thing to know, but I also want to be able to take those skills that I learn and help other students at the local Taekwondo dojo that I teach at, that might be considering learning the bo as well.


Bo Staff Techniques – Black Belt Wiki

Jujitsu, also known as Ju Jitsu, Ju Jutsu, or Jiu-Jitsu, originated in feudal Japan and was a perfect unarmed compliment to the armed combat of the Samurai. Here are the stances: Nothing in between do u know of a place that sells bo staffs in more increments. It will give you a tfchniques beginner level understanding.

I primarily wish to distance myself so I may escape. May 8, at 2: September 16, at 8: Woods such as rattan, bamboo, and oak are good options. July 13, at 2: I am pretty sure you can find them at Century Martial Arts. You can also check our eBay and Amazon to find a nice bo at a good price.