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I had to get fancy bending the leads around because the ones I bought were a little fatter than the originals. Keep your BOSE hate to yourself, someone might appreciate this.

Wave systems use a folded waveguide a series of passages from the speaker driver to the speaker grillin an attempt to replicate sound from larger systems in a compact design. His articles have appeared on a variety of websites.

I will replace the 47uf’s at some point later on. The remove the cloth and reveal in early days a little Bose wave radio. Retrieved November 17, The remote can control basic the functions of the iPod and the Wave system. Page 1 of 1. The Wave Radio IV also introduced dual alarms, which allowed it to appeal towards couples who wanted a Wave system, but could not aer1-1w one due to the fact that it only featured a single alarm.

Some refused to believe the sound they were hearing came from a little bise. He told me a lot of people would get really mad about this. He reported that they had good response down to 70hz which is more than good enough for most music. I have read about the chip you speak of and if it is bad you can get them from ebay. Would you be kind enough to share with me the types of capacitors I’ll need?


But, this one was in storage much of its life. The rest mostly do not matter. The waveguide design does awr1-1d well to an extent. He told me it was legit what you heard in the show came from that little radio, no trickery in that respect. The flourescent display may have low emission. I know they’re electrolytic and their values you posted that – thank you.

Archived from the original on He told me about the show they would put on, and I think the big reason some audiophiles do not like them, is that they trick you, by starting the show with a whole bunch of high end speakers arw1-1w and music playing, the lead you to believe that the sound you are hearing is coming from the large speakers.

Once the transformer and equalizer are removed, disconnect the battery connectors from the box to the board, they are just pressed in place. First thing you need to do is get some denatures alcohol and a paint brush.

I have done some googling and the only information I could find on frequency response was a guy who tested them for what they could do on the low end. Look in the User’s Manual that came with your Bose AWRW to the first few pages, which contain disclaimer information and copyright information about your product.

Problem is, I don’t know enough to say which types of capacitors to order. Then to prove that the sound is coming from the radio they unplug it.

Take your time, replace the caps, double check the cap polarity, then test the unit, if there is still a buzz then replace the chip.

Though some people claim that these radios do not have highs and lows, I would argue that they do. The system’s control panel was nearly identical to that of the Acoustic Wave Music System. Views Read Edit View history. Remove the power transformer, and equalizer board from the main board. I broke one today, and fixed it with a small length of phone wire.


I will be swapping the one by my bed for this one since this one does not make a POP sound when the alarm goes off, or the radio un-mutes.

How to Tell the Age of a Bose AWR1-1W System

Just as it was listed on the box, a copyright year will be printed on this page in the manual. But, is there a way to determine if the buzz is coming from the IC and not the caps? Books Support This Site: I recapped the display hose except for the 2 – bowe 16v caps, as I did not get enough of them from Fry’s last night, and the ones they have, would not fit between the board and the face plate.

Classical on a wave radio is what I go to sleep to.

Antique Radio Forums • View topic – Bose AWRW Refurbish

You will then be able hose remove the front cover. A docking station for the iPod was released in October On the box will be a copyright boose in the fine print, typically located either on the bottom of the box or toward the bottom on one of the sides of the box. I picked this up today from goodwill. Feb Wed 17, 1: I mark the tops of the caps to make it easier to tell which ones I replace.

Since this radio is not worth paying to have repaired, I’ve got nothing to lose trying. Bose Corporation ‘s Wave Music Systems are table top audio systems which were first released in