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Workmanship on building sites Part 7: Patent glazing and sloping glazing for buildings Part 1: Although not exhaustive, the following lists some of the most commonly used.

Float glassBS EN The categories of spot faults are defined by the maximum dimension of the spot fault, measured according to the method defined in Annex A. Glass in building – Mirrors from silver-coated float glass for be use.

Wired patterned glass Part 7: Guarded hot plate method. Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance.

BS EN 572-6:2012

Code of practice for installation of security glazing. Definition and Description Part 2: This document Older versions.

Glazing for buildings Part 1: The manufacturer s shall be consulted if higher levels of quality 57-22 required.


Arrange the point of observation 2 m from the glass, keeping the direction of observation normal to the glass surface. EN gives information on float glass in sizes i.

Glass in building – Laminated glass and laminated safety glass. Methods of test for the physical attributes of edge seals Part 5: With updates supplied as soon as theyre available, you can be sure your documentation is current.

BS EN – Glass in building. Basic soda lime silicate glass products. Float glass

Glass in building — Basic alkaline earth silicate glass products Part 1: This is determined by the evaluation of optical and visual faults. Drawn sheet glass Part 5: Glass in building – Coated glass. Glass in building — Security glazing – Testing and classification of resistance against manual attack. Wired patterned glass Status: Wired or unwired channel shaped glass Part 8: The illuminance of the screen measured 1 m from it shall be between lx and 1 lx.

Verre de silicate sodo-calcique.

Table 4 Critical viewing angles Nominal glass thickness Angle in zone D Angle in zone d mm dn degrees 2 45 40 3 and greater 50 45 5. Laminated safety glass Part 3: CopyrightAll the data, software and documentation set out in all British Standards and other BSI publications are the property of and copyrighted by BSI, or some person or entity that owns copyright in the ne used such as the international standardization bodies and has formally licensed such information to BSI for commercial publication and use.


Definitions and general physical and mechanical properties 3 Terms and definitions For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in EN The spot fault image nucleus and halo appears on the screen. The sample is maintained parallel to the screen.

Requirements and test methods for class C and D Coatings Part 4: Code of practice for design and installation of sloping and vertical patent glazing Part 2: Generalities, dimensional tolerances and rules for the system description Part 2: Specification for performance requirements for strength and robustness including methods of test BS Code of practice for safety related to human impact Part fn This gives samples of a width of approximately mm.