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Up to now, specific categories of animals are covered by the scope of the Union’s rules on animal welfare as detailed in the abovementioned strategy. It must be recalled that it is the task of natural gas undertakings to ensure that gas is supplied to consumers and to make the necessary arrangements with their upstream partners. In relation to the Honourable Member’s second question, the Commission encourages the dissemination of road safety information.

Sul posto e carabinieri. The EU is also extending its bilateral cooperation with China in order to secure an appropriate framework for addressing such concerns, complementary to the bilateral cooperation that many member states have with China in the military field. If not, which measures does the Commission think that the Netherlands can take? I membri del gruppo si erano incontrati tramite la predicazione musulmana e la messaggistica istantanea online.

Review of veterinary checks on insects to be used in scientific research, specifically the fruit fly. The current cold spell has caused deaths in Europe in just two weeks. Al fine di prevenire attacchi terroristici in altri paesi dell’UE, quali procedure sono attualmente applicate per monitorare AQAP e i suoi affiliati in Europa? To obtain the ECB loans, they will be offering the unsalable securities they hold as collateral.

The Commission also supports the Burmese refugee camps in Thailand. The protection of persons belonging to minorities and the fight against discrimination, including on religious grounds, is a priority in the planning of the EU’s cooperation with Egypt.

Il Molise spara pure sulla legge – Il richiamo della Foresta – Blog –

Creating growth and employment is also necessary. Finally in its conclusion the Green Paper invites all stakeholders to contribute to the public consultation to have their say. Release of genetically modified mosquitoes by British biotech company.

Publication of the findings of publicly financed research. Reform of the common fisheries policy: Le statut des sapeurs-pompiers volontaires.

Navigazione principale

The conclusions go on to state that the European Union stands ready to back the peace processes with ethnic groups through, for example, financial assistance for the process of reintegrating returnees. The Commission has recently published a draft working hours directive which would bring voluntary fire-fighting into line with salaried employment and therefore subject to an obligatory daily rest period of 11 hours.


In the aim of guaranteeing perfectly fair competition, has it made an effort to take identical measures in relation to imported products and how does it intend to ensure that there are checks on the implementation of this new standard for producers from outside the European Union?

Un fatto che scivola addosso agli amministratori. Sono previste azioni mirate al fine di evitare che queste emergenze si ripresentino ciclicamente?

Ma siamo sicuri che si tratti proprio di una bella cosa? Before they can be placed on the market, medical devices are required to have received the CE marking, which guarantees their compliance with applicable legislation and that they are appropriate for their purpose and safe to use.

ANLC – Associazione Nazionale Libera Caccia » » Settembre

In this framework, stakeholders have agreed on a list of fair and unfair practices, for which enforcement mechanisms are under discussion.

Op welke rechtsbeginselen wordt hij vervolgd en zijn die rechtsbeginselen callendario met het concept van een democratische rechtsstaat? The Standard Data Form of each site contains detailed information that includes an ecological evaluation of the habitats types and species of EU importance, compiled by the competent authorities of the Member State.

In its opinion the SCENIHR referred to studies on silicone breast implants providing evidence against an increased risk of breast cancer or any other type of cancer. The members of the group met through Muslim preaching and online instant messaging. In navolging van de Verenigde Staten heeft nu ook de Chinese regering luchtvaartmaatschappijen verboden deel te nemen aan ETS. Trekt ze conclusies uit het feit dat 90 procent van de top tien bestaat uit landen met een overwegend islamitische ideologie?

The Commission will have to demonstrate in any case that additional rules or an extended scope for the welfare of animals fall within the competences of the Union and respect the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality as laid down in the Treaties.

Most of the Risk Assessments done by the Competent Authorities are finished and are currently being examined by the Commission. Rundvee en schapen worden onder erbarmelijke omstandigheden in overvolle vrachtwagens naar Turkije vervoerd. What measures will the Commission take to ensure that the findings of scientific research financed by public money, including Community funds, are universally and freely available?


EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Queste direttive sono state recepite in Italia. It is for the competent national authorities to ensure that the national rules transposing the directives are correctly and effectively applied in the light of the specific circumstances of each case to guarantee that the employer fulfils any duties venatroio that regard.

Rimane aperta la questione del mancato rinnovo del piano faunistico-venatorio, nel caso – non isolato – del Molise fermo al In the wake of the weather crisis ofwhat measures did the European Union take to reduce the risks caused by extreme climate events? Allo stato attuale l’Unicef non ha accesso a queste zone. The questions target issues within the remit of the Family Reunification Directive. Quello del Molise risale alcome ha pure nel rilevato il TAR.

Ormai le cose erano cambiate, difficile resistere alla crisi. Het is ook een hoeksteen van de democratie, die van cruciaal belang is voor de vrije uitwisseling van informatie waarop eenieder recht heeft. Sono almeno i bambini uccisi negli 11 mesi di violenze in Siria.

However, the Commission keeps silent calrndario this issue. OJ C E Citizen exemption laws and Cypriot banks. Daarbij gaat het om onderzoek en verslaglegging, het leggen van contacten met autoriteiten en het maatschappelijk middenveld en het financieren van lokale projecten. La regione Lazio, pertanto, non solo ha deliberatamente ignorato il pronunciamento del Tribunale amministrativo competente, ma ha agito in senso opposto alle indicazioni scientifiche dell’ISPRA.

The result is rising fruit and vegetable prices for the end consumer, and farmers receiving meagre payment for the sale with no premium being paid in view of the abovementioned problems.

Citizens and public libraries should not have to pay to gain access to scientific research findings calendarjo they have already paid for through public funding; venarorio acquisition of subscription-only journals is the principal outlay for university libraries.

The EU has repeatedly expressed its concern at the increasingly worsening humanitarian plight of the Syrian population, including that of children. EU institutions’ administrative budgets in