PETZL is a leading manufacturer of climbing and work-at-height equipment and The Tools and Techniques sport catalog is still available as a PDF. The catalog continues in this vein. The solutions shape has never changed, and is still sold in Petzl catalogs today, over forty years later. Fernand paid. TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES Sharing expertise “My father, Fernand Petzl, was an artisan and explorer with a passion for caving. For him.

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Imagine that it is impossible to grab the rope or the rock, or to be lowered by the second not enough rope. Rope positioned correctly in belay device Locked carabiner Knot tied at end of rope”Seriously, Dad, I never thought this could happen to you! Low bulk and flexible rear equipment loops prevent the waistbelt from interfering while wearing a pack. This technique is efficient, although it can only be used with a light bag 30 to 40kg.

Index of /~vladimar/software_speleo/Catalogos/Petzl /pdf

No reassuring explanation to help me accept the unacceptable. This progressive decrease allows longer battery life. Find a complete list of products and descriptions in the products section.

Lighting duration and intensity can also be adjusted.

Once the fall is arrested, the first priority is to create an anchor to support the weight of the victim. A great harness too for viaferrata and adventure parks. The only solution is to be autonomous and ascend the rope alone. Maybe one time a few rocks heard falling a bit too close Im quite a safety fanatic, according to my 2011. Particularly before really getting started, when the equipment is being put into place. Arnaud ChildericLighting distanceLight quantity, received by a surface, diminishes as its distance from the light source increases.


To learn more about progression techniques using energy absorbing lanyards: The Prusik knot is a multidirectional knot, jamming in both directions. This way it is easy to open the bag without dropping petzp. The rescuer places partial tension on the anchor to check that it is solid.

With children, it is essential to use a rope along with energy absorbing lanyardsBelaying from a fixed anchor1 – On a via ferrata, as with all vertical activities, there is never a zero risk factor. This mode is useful when light output is not the most important consideration. Unregulated lighting As soon as the headlamp is on, light output begins to decrease gradually.

Choose a via ferrata that you know, one that is manageable, with escape options, and suited to your technical level as well as your childs Explain the instructions for safe progression before leaving Be cataloog equipped: This performance is linked to notions like luminous flux, distance, battery life, and lighting regulation.

The BELT versions reduce the weight on the head.

Index of /~vladimar/software_speleo/Catalogos/Petzl 2011/pdf

Force of habit, over-confidence, and fatigue can all reduce vigilance. Technique tested on a 4m fall with ccatalogo 80kg weight, using a 7mm Prusik cordelette and a single 9.

For him, creating and refining equipment was a profound pleasure. Complete the anchor by attaching a long sling. And yet that Sunday I made an error that could have cost me my life. It is more economical to use – it pays for itself after four sets of alkaline batteries. From my childhood, I was immersed in this enthusiasm for discovery.


In multi-pitch climbs, a situation can quickly become complicated and delicate. Make a Prusik knot with a cordelette and attach it caralogo the belay loop of your harness with a locking carabiner.

Petzl Sport Catalog 2011 En

He can then transfer the entire load. It is the length of time during which lighting is greater than the light of a full 0,25 ULTRA in high mode has a battery life of 3h15, meaning that after 3h15, the lighting of an ULTRA at moon 2 0.

Stress on the bolt The stress on the bolt is approximately 25daN higher with lowering than with rappelling for two people of 70kg.

First, attach the bag several meters from the lower end of the rope. Lower to the next bolt.

Petzl Sport Catalog En – [PDF Document]

During a fall, if the rope rubs on such a nick, it can become damaged and require early retirement. It would be too rigid: Jocelyn ChavyClimber check by belayer: The CORE battery contributes in a truly efficient way to limiting waste that is harmful to the environment. With a party of two, the surface climber is alone.