For the time being, Caylus is but a humble village, but soon, workers and many buildings and the Provost is generous in allowing them to be used, the game. Please keep in mind that the official Caylus board game rules and instructions could be different depending on the game version you have. The rules below are . Board Game Arena: Play board games online! About Caylus. Designer: 0 Game rules • See the game in action • 4 Videos • 2 Web links • Rules summary.

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There one sees, which players advanced as far with which favour already. If you chose this action and decided not to build you will lose 2 prestige points! When it is your turn click on the building or castle keep to place a worker.

The Pop-up Window can rbe relocated on thescreen with the right hand button of the mouse and dragging it if it blocks your view of the game.

Join the largest boardgame table in the world. The Provost is then placed on the same square as the Bailiff. Play now News 0. Discover new board games Board Game Arena enforces game rules, so you can concentrate on having fun.

Ystari Games

If you wish to make another batch repeat the previous action, otherwise, click on tghe red ‘X’. If the Provost sits after or on the same space as the Bailiff, the Boad moves one space further down the path. There are no claims to the completeness of the rules, however the game mechanism should be the same. Caulus have the opportunity to build in the keep sequentially according to the order in which they were placed if they were placed on the 5 keep spaces.


Clicking on one of the building icons will display the available buildings of that type. To the right of the castle is the building zone for the dungeons, walls and towers of the castle.

Help What is Board Game Arena? If this is not the building you want, simply click the yellow arrow again. Compete against the whole world. You can only use one type track of favour in any phase, therefore the maximum favours you can play at any one time is 4.

For example it would be useless to place a worker on the Joust Field when you will not have a cloth or any money to pay for the favour! On the screen you will see a path, which leads from the castle 1 by the special buildings, across the bridge 4 and downward past the neutral red buildings 5. During your lunch break – or your commuting time? This ggame open the King’s Favour Boagd window. Links BrettspielWelt in the german Wikipedia.

You should try the following: Play turn-based to enjoy a game or many at the same time by taking turns when it fits in your schedule.

To view what is available, hover over the appropriate building icon. Gaje Marler Dec Caylus is a strategic board game with extensive rules.

This costs 1 Denar for each space. With your friends and thousands of players from the whole world. If it is the one you want, click the green arrow on the top right. The next player is then given the option to build at the keep. Beginning at the bridge, and moving through all the buildings up to and including the tame the Provost ends on, each building is activated. If you chose to take this action the King’s Favour table will pop open. When this happens the King’s Favour window opens.


Caylus – Online Guide * BrettspielWelt – Online Portal für Brettspiele

Simply click on the space you wish the Provost to go to. This is a summary guide for the online game. You can see the actual rules at RioGrande.

One sees overview way also left in the play announcement of each player. The first player to choose this action, receives 1 Denar. If you wish to see the buildings which are left use the yellow arrow located on the bottom right of this window. If you hover over these sections their prestige value is shown.

Like to think quietly? Object of the Game Caylus is a strategic board game with extensive rules. If you are going to build in the Keep, make sure that you will acquire enough materials to make the number of batches you want. Win games to earn ranking points and trophies.

Join ranked games and meet new challenges! Remember that everyone is given the opportunity to place the Provost! App news Jan