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OIP, but focus on CG specifics and not tied to specific timeframes. h. Junior ROTC Unit Inspection Program. CCR and CCR are. Do whatever you want with a Ccr 8 3: fill, sign, print and send online instantly . Securely download your document with other editable templates, any time. Headquarters, 5th Brigade, will conduct accreditation visits of its JROTC programs IAW CCR and CCR JROTC Program for Accreditation.

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Appendix 13 has descriptions of every item that will fit into every category of the portfolio. Spring Data JPA.

Follow them to the letter. Details of the problem, improvement plan, implementation, evaluation, and reflection. Is storage organized so that the space is fully used? Published by Elwin Oliver Modified over 2 years ago. We finished as follows: Show me 3 accountable items and how you track them? Number of Cadets Questioned. My presentations Cr Feedback Log out.

We think you have liked this presentation. Fancy drills may be performed for exhibition only, not in lieu of the Cadet Drill Criteria. Color Guard There is a maximum of 5 points possible for this accreditation activity. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

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The brigade will notify the superintendent, principal, and instructors in writing of the rescheduled JPA. The weight factor used in the formula is based on the number of instructors assigned to the unit, refer to Table B Point Summary Sheet – Exercise. These have typically not been a problem. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Email Presentation to Friend. Portfolios support Standard 3: November 12, Time: Follow those to the letter.


What are the goals for improvement?

PPT – JPA PowerPoint Presentation – ID

Loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Cadets that are elected to attend will If the school does not attain a minimum score within 12 months from the failed JPA, the instructors may be decertified. Uncasing of colors All required movements performed in sequence. Cadets will perform the following movements in sequence. If we qualify at the Area III competition our teams will compete in this event! I will give 25 merits and an extra credit grade to students who bring their parents to the conference!.

It is on the portal in the library. Download Presentation Connecting to Server. Auth with social network: Each of the criteria on the worksheet is worth two points unless it states otherwise.

Upcoming Events – South Beauregard High School

Self-introduction of all Cadet Staff and their role in this project. Add the points for uniform step 1 plus the points for questions steps 2 then enter the total points here. Kyle Leaman Event Description: Students who attend will receive a certificate and 4 hours of community service Personal appearance and grooming should meet or exceed established unit standards. Brevard Sharing Center Letter. Cce have a chartered bus and dinner will be provided at This test is also How did you handle them?


Based on 1458-3 total points in step 3 above, use the scale below to determine the amount points to enter on the JPA School Visit Point Summary Worksheet. Is the area free of fire or safety hazards? Ensure to use the same weight factor in the numerator and denominator. Want to translate this page? Supply Records Inspect the storage area.

Accomplishments should be recorded and kept in a portfolio. Lunch Pizza, chips and sodas will be provided Many local Veterans organizations will JPA Report — 14 days after 3. The portfolios provide evidence of this and is how we CC meet Standard 3 one way.