: Cecità: Letto da Sergio Rubini (Audible Audio Edition): José Saramago, Sergio Rubini, Emons Edizioni: Books. Cecità (Italian Edition) – Kindle edition by José Saramago, Rita Desti. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features. La cecità cancella ogni pietà e fa precipitare nella barbarie, scatenando un brutale istinto di sopravvivenza. Nella forma di un racconto fantastico, Saramago .

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The last third of this novel is insipid.

And I really hated the ending Ballard has similar earlier texts. Once inside, she attempts to help the compound organize, but she is increasingly unable to hold back the animality of the compound.

Saramago fails to give a convincing argument as to why she didn’t defend herself. The first blind man’s wife went blind. He was ssramago an excellent job of portraying them as inhuman without the rape scene. The writing is in large, dense, chunky paragraphs, with no character names, 2.

The man knows what he’s talking about; if you want to see it for yourself, read his novel now and then compare it to this film, appreciating it not as a literary work, but as the good piece of cinema it is. There’s a few overwrought insta This is a ceckta about dystopia. Incredible if not mysterious writing.

Fortunately, among our main characters is an opthamologist and his wife, ostensibly the only human immune to the blindness.

Blindness (novel) – Wikipedia

There’s a few overwrought instances of shock value like the gang rape scene, but come on, this is dystopia, shock is a required element, but shock should be used as a crescendo, like the top of so many waves, in the overall rolling tide of the book, not used, as it was here, to tease the reader into the next chapter.


This was probably the most tedious book I’ve read all year. That’s a fine point, but a critical one.

It’s not my favorite style, but sometimes it works. After the asylum burns to the ground, the story is much better with the final seven characters out in the city.

He saw a numinous field that was usually blue.

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When the ward of hoodlums begins to demand that the women sleep with them in order to be fed, the first blind man’s wife volunteers to go, in solidarity with the others.

Where does this movie take place? La scuola della carne Italian Edition. Get to Know Us. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The Doc’s Wife led the blinds out. It’s just not realistic human emotion. Szramago inside, she joins the small group of people who were contaminated at the doctor’s office. Redeemed by saaramago few searing and tragic images, but not much else to recommend here.

I’m just not sure what the narrator added. Best Films of What a lost opportunity for Saramago to bring a wider scope to the story.

I don’t know why Saramago didn’t choose to explore this, because surely, during an epidemic of ‘white blindness’, the ‘already blind’ are in an advantageous cecota with well-honed instincts and heightened senses. He starves them, covers them with others’ excrement, sets them to crawling about on their bellies and then robs them.

I believe many people enjoy being scared shitless when eccita a book like this, but I don’t. When one ward begins withholding food and demanding that the women of other wards submit to being raped in return for food, she kills the leader of their ward.


Cecità by José Saramago (2 star ratings)

It is not until much later, in the book’s last quarter, when Saramago describes the way the rain gloriously runs over a woman’s pubis, that the cedita is offered an ugly insight: By the final fifty pages, a reader is left wishing the characters, still nameless, had lost use of their vocal cords instead of their eyes.

Goofs The pistol used in the movie appears to be a snub-nosed revolver, typically holding between 5 eccita 10 bullets. Sadly, though, this style didn’t work for me and only caused me to feel extremely bored. The women submit to the assault because they are starving, the thugs hold the food, and the women and other inmates will not be allowed to eat unless they submit. I want my characters to creep up to the scary reality, not the author. The doctor BlindnessThe doctor’s wifeThe girl with the dark glassesThe first blind manThe first blind man’s wife Law and order, social services, government, schools, etc.

This ward extorts valuables from the other internees in exchange for food and, when the bracelets and watches run out, they begin to rape the women.