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43049 – General and Inorganic Chemistry

PV diagrams of water and carbon dioxide. Amorphous and crystalline solids and their properties.

Townsend Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity, 8th Ed. Main characteristics of the chemical elements.

My e-mail for students My e-mail for staff Close. Course Timetable from Oct 03, to Jan 10, Casa Editrice Libreria Internazionale Cortina, Target skills and knowledge: Planned learning activities and teaching gendrale.

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Fundamentals of kinetics, electrochemistry, thermodynamics and nuclear chemistry. Atomic nature of matter.

Mirone, La Chimica nella Scuola,n. What has chiimica physical significance is the square of its amplitude more exactly, the square of its moduluswhich in any case is a real positive number proportional to the probability to find an electron in the given position. Campbell, Chemical systems The exam is oral and involves four questions.


Homogeneous and heterogeneous systems. Chemical equilibrium in solution. Teaching tools Videoprojector, pc, blackboard.

Scheda insegnamento — Laurea Triennale in Chimica

Strength of acids and bases. Heterogeneous equilibria involving gas phases. The class of “General and Inorganic Chemistry” aims to provide the Sstudent the basic conceptual tools about the composition, structure, properties and transformations of matter, needed to conduct the chemical characterization of a sample and paving the basis for all subsequent chimixa of the curriculum with chemical content. Silvestroni, Fondamenti di chimica Planned learning activities and teaching methods:.

Legame e struttura molecolare ; 9. Malatesta, Chimica generale Atom and subatomic particles. In this way a chance was missed for making clearer a main concept and for dispelling a misconception that has persisted for nearly fifty years in the teaching of general chemistry. The rating gained by passing the written test is the final grade of the Candidate.

However, because of the kind of the explanations that will be given during lectures, it is important that the Students already master at least some basic skills about the numerical calculus, in particular: A further source of distortion is hybridization. Shortly after, they began to be adopted also in the teaching of chemistry in the chimicaa schools of some countries: Galvanic and electrolytic cells.


Kotz and Paul Treichel.


Representation of the reactions using equations. La chimica della vita: However, if the Candidate believes that the rating awarded for the written test is inadequate in its preparation, may apply to take an oral examination as integration.

Use of the Equilibrium constant.

Aliphatic hydrocarbons saturated and unsaturated and aromatic. Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences. Colligative properties of solutions.