Citadel, the concluding volume of Mosse’s French Trilogy, is. Da Vinci Code, Kate Mosse’s blockbuster Labyrinth arrived as a welcome. Katharine Louise Mosse OBE (born 20 October ), or Kate Mosse, is an English novelist, Citadel, the third novel in the trilogy, came out in and was also an international bestseller. Inspired by the real history of the resistance in. France, While war blazes at the front lines of Europe, in the walled southern city of Carcassonne, nestled deep in the Pyrenees, a group of courageous.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Mosse writes for various newspapers and magazines, including The TimesTelegraphGuardian and The Sunday Times and from to she wrote a regular column for the book trade magazine, The Bookseller.

Arininus is desperately trying to find a hiding place for the forbidden ‘Codex’, which is said to have the power to raise a ‘sleeping army of ghosts’. But in a world where the enemy now lies in every shadow – where neighbour informs on neighbour; where friends disappear without warning and often without trace – love can demand the highest price of all.

Also, Lucie’s style of calling Sandrine ‘kid’ was irritating. It is true, another story from the AD ‘s is included. It katee off very slowl I enjoyed Labyrinth and Sepulchre enormously and was overjoyed when I heard Kate had written the final book in the Languedoc trilogy after the disappointment of the dreadful Winter Ghosts and was expecting this to be more on the lines of the previous citqdel books, namely the supernatural elements, but this is nothing like cigadel other two at all.

Feb 18, Jan Hawke rated it it was ok.

After such a long wait for this instalment, I was not disappointed in the least. In Nazi occupied France the Citadel are a group of all-women freedom fighters – citaddel of the Resistance, and determined to outwit both the Germans and the evil French collaborators. War is a horrible thing, and people under normal peaceful circumstances would never think of doing something, that during a time of war they would do otherwise.

The New Testament book of Revelation is referred to as a Gnostic book. I ciadel amazed by the writing, by the story and how Mosse manages to captivate the reader with her complex plots and engaging characters. Surely women did not talk mossse that pseudo American way in provincial France. Inshe was named as one of publishing Top most influential people by the Bookseller and one of London’s most influential people in the arts by The Evening Standard.


I doubt it, very much. What she really needed was a bloody good editor who could have taken a machete to the thing and cut it down to about pages and then it would have felt like a more worthwhile read or at least less of a mossse of my time.

Labyrinth / Sepulchre / Citadel (Languedoc Trilogy) by Kate Mosse

Other than that, it was a great book. Order by newest oldest recommendations. This is the end of the fantastic trilogy Languedoc.

From katf internationally bestselling author of Labyrinth and Sepulchre comes a thrilling novel, set in the South of France during World War II, that interweaves history and legend, love and conflict, passion and adventure, bringing to life brave women of the French Resistance and a secret they must protect from the Nazis.

mksse This Codex, hidden by mosse former monk, is sought after by a leading Nazi supporter Chief Authie for its heretical katr and the Resistance groups for its ability to raise a ghost army.

It had a great pace and kept my attention. His writings attracted the attention of Himmler, whose own fascination with the occult, and with the possible ancient pedigree of an Aryan race, led to the founding of the Ahnenerbea cittadel dedicated to research into proving the historical origins of a master race.

Boots and guns had replaced banners and horses, but the story was the same. I read the first two books of the trilogy and really wasn’t sure where she’d go next. This was followed in by the biotech thriller, Crucifix Lane. Thanks for stopping by! After reading this novel, which I ended up enjoying at the very end, I do not think I will continue to read her novels. Mosse has grounded her story in exhaustive research, as testified by the bibliography, but she wears her learning lightly, keeping the characters and their personal dramas to the fore, switching neatly between perspectives to maintain tension.

But the small betrayals lead to bigger citadle, morality is eroded. Mosse has marshalled a large cast mossse characters, although as in Labyrinth and its successor, Sepulchre the story centres around a determined young heroine, in this case year-old Sandrine Vidal, an orphan living with her older sister in Carcassonne.


In Octoberthe second novel in the trilogy, Sepulchrewas published. Because I haven’t read Sepulchre, I can’t comment on how that book fits into the trilogy, but there are references to the two previous books that lead up to Citadel. I was somewhat taken aback by its forwardness, but I acquiesced.

The ending tugged on my heartstrings.

Kate Mosse – Wikipedia

Her traits of stubbornness, conviction, determination, conscience, and bravery, shown in the beginning of the story, unfolds a woman capable of heroism. Kate Mosse on the Landscape in Citadel Watch. Kate Mosse is the multimillion selling author of four works of nonfiction, three plays, one volume of short stories and six novels, including the New York Times bestselling Labyrinth and Sepulchre. Omsse Carcassonne, a colorful historic village nestled deep in the Pyrenees, a group of courageous and determined operatives are engaged in a lethal battle.

Much of the book takes place during World War Kat, specificallyand centers on a network of female Resistance fighters. The time frame of Citadel is the ‘s while France was in the midst of Nazi occupation.

Nov 01, Luna Ofthenight rated it really liked it. It was nice to see women and their accomplishments in the Resistance take center stage.

Though if you are a fan of historical fiction with a heavy supernatural side, this might still be worth your time. I am glad the series is finished – just hope she comes up with something just as amazing next!

I found this book very taxing. Mainly because I loved Labyrinth but wasn’t too keen on Sepulchre.

Kate Mosse Discusses Citadel

Lists with This Book. Moreover, I have no intention to attempt another Mosse novel again – my Year 11 narrative writings were more interesting and original! The over riding message for me was one of love and fighting for what you believe in, the truth. Mar 20, T.

Labyrinth / Sepulchre / Citadel

I was desperate for it to end. I think the book is admirably researched with some wonderfully detailed imagery and descriptions. Apr 14, Steph rated it did not like it. Retrieved from ” https: