One of Brooks’s big arguments in The Well Wrought Urn is that you can’t summarize (or paraphrase) a poem and retain its meaning. The poem says something. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Cleanth ioned. The Well Wrought Ursi ALSO BY CLEANTM BROOKS: Modern Poetry end the Trodltioas CLEANTH BROOKS The Wei! Wrought Urn STUDIES IN THE.

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An adequate answer to this charge will have to be furnished by the book itself, but I should like to forestall some misapprehensions, here and now. Lady Macbeth, on the other hand, by employing a ruthless clarity of perception, by discounting all emotional claims, offers him the promise of clsanth about the course of events which he desires.

There is nothing in the rest of the poem that suggests humour— at least of the burlesque sort. Copyright by Cieanth Brooks. The petition to Mirth To live with her, and live tje thee. For it is not merely his great imagination and his warrior courage in defeat which redeem him for tragedy and place him beside the other great tragic pro- tagonists: To make them kings, the seed of Banquo kings!

The first scene is a dawn scene-sunrise and peo- ple going to work: Even so, some readers may hesitate to accept it. The influences of the May morning will no longer work.

He is very far from associating it with any magic virtue as Mil- ton does in his Comus. In order to prove that the language of poetry is paradox, he must treat poems that have traditionally been thought straightforward. It is artless in this sense because the men whose tale it is were themselves artless— too innocent, too simple to have a significant story.

But the cluster of feminine rimes and the syncopation of the rhythm, apparently meant to connote gaiety, are actually awkward as Wordsworth uses them here. Dismiss my pagan argument as folly. Yet, if poetry exists as poetry in any mean- ingful sense, the attempt must be made.


The Well Wrought Urn

In stm-bright armes, and battailovs array: I mean the average English professor. If he had, the two halves would have been driven poles apart. One can make godlike gestures because one has the invulnerability of a god. The structure meant is a structure of meanings, evaluations, and interpretations; and the principle of unity which informs it seems to be one of balancing and harmonizing connotations, attitudes, and meanings.

The Well Wrought Urn – Wikipedia

I wish to thank the editors of the magazines mentioned and the directors of the Princeton University Press for their courtesy in extending permission for the publi- cation of these materials here. But if Herrick is confused about what he is saying in the poem, he behaves very strangely for a man in that plight. They would have ceased to be twin halves of one poem, for the sense of unity in variety would have been qell. It is the sylphs, the sylphs with their interest brokos fashion notes and their knowledge of the feminine heart: Clfanth structure of a poem resembles brooms of a ballet or musical composition.

Though Miss Spurgeon does not note it since the gov- erning scheme of her book would have hardly allowed her to see itthere are, by the way, a great many references to babes in this play— references which occur on a number of levels. What it does give is action—of men or gods, of godlike men or of superhuiioan though not daemonic gods— action, which is not the less in- tense for all that the um is cool marble.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Both Mirth and Melancholy are solitary, silent inhabitants teh the breast, that neither receive nor transmit communi- cation; no mention is therefore made of a philosophical friend, or a pleasant companion. Or, take another example. But the dream is elusive, it cannot be dissected and analyzed.

Or is it some infant Hercules, quite capable of striding the blast, but, wrught it is powerful and not helpless, hardly the typical pitiable object? There is actually no reason for supposing that Pope thought it so. As a proper maiden, she will keep from staining it just as she will keep from staining her new brocade.


But one can make a better case than a mere appeal to the authority of an established literary convention.

And now for the last stanza: As Macbeth and Lennox burst into the room, they find the daggers fleanth, as Macbeth knows all too well, a horrible masquerade.

But if the poem thus far has tended to contrast the country churchyard and the abbey tombs, with the twentieth stanza the two are drawn together once more. Just before he renders thanks to the human heart, you will re- member, Ae poet says that the clouds do not give to, but take jProm, the eye their sober coloring.

Here not even potentiality is stressed, but rather the negative virtues, the freedom from the Cromwellian crimes.

Blindness and darkness in this poem are not the easy and expected antitheses to vision and light. Macbeth at this point wants no honors that are not honestly his.

We are disciplined in the tradition of either- or, and lack the mental agility— to say nothing of the maturity of attitude— which would allow us to indulge in the finer dis- tinctions and the more subtle reservations permitted by the tradition of both-and.

One is not to become tangled in the mesh of scruples himself. Tells how the drudging Goblin swei. But the ironies of this stanza have the whole of the poem behind them. The touch is light, to be sure; but the poem welll not flimsy, not mere froth. Retrieved from ” https: Pope himself was, we may be sure, thoroughly aware of the problem.