CS MOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING. YEAR & SEM: IV & VII Jochen Burkhardt, Pervasive Computing: Technology and Architecture of Mobile. Internet Applications .. Write notes on wireless sessions protocol. 4. Discuss about. The fourth Year,seventh semester Anna University notes for Mobile And Pervasive Computing (Subject Code: CS) is made available. CSMOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING 4) Explain the various applications of mobile computing. . Write notes on wireless sessions protocol. 4.

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The address are always collocated COA. What is the use of sequence control field in IEEE It supports QoS flow specifications for each bidirectional channels. Minimal encapsulation is an optional encapsulation method for mobile IP, which comprises the following fields.

Finally, transmit the packet of the remaining node. Happens only in mobile networks. Signature for all these data. Within a connection TCP can give certain guarantees, such as in-order delivery or reliable data transmission using retransmission techniques. Data rate up to 1Mbps. Three categories of services of GSM are:. Wireless Session Protocol offers the following three general features,].

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What are application of pervasive devices? What are the various issues related to device management in pervasive nites It is a term used in wireless communications to denote the matching of the modulation, coding and other signal and protocol parameters to the conditions on the radio link.

A code in which each expression conforms to specific rules of construction so that departures from this construction can be automatically detected and permits the automatic correction of some or all of nores errors. Say something about the push architecture of WAP.


Explain the features of S-TCP. Explain a digital video broadcasting scenario. What are the two basic reason for handover? The MAC management supports the association and re-association of a station to an access point and roaming between different access points.

Discuss the localization and handover features of GSM system. The sender now retransmits the missing packets before the time expires.

Posted by mangai vellingiri at Split routing into discovering a path and maintaining a path.


Each node can communicate with another node, no access point controlling medium access is necessary. Three digital speech channels can be supported simultaneously. What is distance vector routing? Explain the handover scenarios of HiperLAN2 in detail.

List out its merits and demerits. Give the protocol stack of WAP. Discuss some of the routing metrics to be considered in a mobile network layer.

Anna University 7th Semester CSE MOBILE AND PERVASIVE COMPUTING Notes

What are the steps involved in Mobile Internet Mobille TMSI is a temporary mobile subscriber identity, it is used to hide the IMSI, which would give away the exact identity of the user which is signaling over the air interface. Discuss any two of them. Signal degradations due to multipath are fading and delay spread.