Hello everyone, I just stumbled upon a new daygame product called the Daygame Blueprint, by someone by the name of “Yad”. A lot of the stuff. Yosha how to approach girls on the street, directly & naturally Yosha’s HOW TO APPROACH GIRLS ON THE STREET DIRECTLY. For those men out there looking for the girl of your dreams, listen up – this Daygame Blueprint review will be for you. Day Game Blueprint program, created by.

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That being said, as much as I enjoy going out to the bars and clubs from time to time and have a good time.

All the information you need is there. Everything bluepdint covered in detail and demonstrated live. Not to mention more missed opportunities with blueorint within eye sight, but out of reach.

No stone is left unturned. If you have been through any overwhelming material like mystery method stuff then in comparison you won’t think this is advanced at all, your “brain won’t melt”. I’ll start out with this review by saying I’m fairly introverted to start with.

Daygame Blueprint – Daygame Blueprint

Andy Yosha Original Price: So now that you know a little bit about what Day Game Blueprint is, what do you exactly learn? Of course if you approach a woman the wrong way, you might get a dqygame thrown at you, or she may just walk away, but those things are normal.


One of these is bluepeint two-part video from a daygame bootcamp run by a different company based in Australia. Daygame Blueprint covers the Yadstop and all aspects of direct daygame, so onto my Daygame Blueprint review.

There are no subtitles. Why not simply film the infield videos in a quieter venue, daggame a museum? Though it is simple, it is NOT easy to implement.

If you follow the guidelines set by Day Game Blueprint, then you will surely get what you want, and when you want it, without having to worry about anything. By far the best product I’ve used. Right off the bat they show you how to approach women in the Streets. It is very analitical and it would show you the exact steps for the very start till the end in a very informative way.

Daygame Blueprint

Reviewed by magarcia February 11, If you have any questions dayfame concerns about this Day Game Blueprint review, please leave them in the comments section below. When they come back there is time spent by the coaches giving feedback on these sessions. Day Game Blueprint Review. But its not without its problems. Andy and Yad go over this wella woman is thinking about her everyday life when she’s out and about during daygamf day.


I assure you that you will not regret taking part. If you bluerint to change your life and your chances to pickup a sexy ladies – Day Game Blueprint is the way to go. Tom Torero discusses how to approach girls in daytime situations other than the street.

Day Game Blueprint Reviews ( Updated) – Pros & Cons Of Day Game Blueprint

Secrets of Sexualized Flirting. Daygame Blueprint Bonuses You get a number of bonuses included with this product. So what about Day Game? I couldn’t find the courage to do anything real.

The Average Penis Cure. There’s a couple of times when a guest doesn’t really understand something and asks some random questions that daygaje of take things off on a tangent. Mildly annoying, but can’t really be helped. I think he’s 40 nowhe’s bald, pale, scrawny, and looks like Mr.