White Plume Mountain, which has been reprinted as part of Tales from the This is an artefact from an older version of D&D, where players. Soon I will be running White Plume Mountain as a one shot with my regular group. This will be a one shot and our usual DM will get to play t. Where Tamoachan challenged the player of D&D only, White Plume Mountain makes a go at challenging both the player and character. White.

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I’m going to be running that module for my Adventure League group soon and my plan for that encounter is to plumd use the geysers when it is thematically appropriate to add a little more danger to the challenge.

Running White Plume Mountain – Merric’s Musings

Views Read Edit View history. Judge Mike Mearls commented on the ingenuity required to complete the adventure, describing it as “the puzzle dungeon to end all puzzle dungeons”.

White Plume Mountain is a strange place, but it has made for some truly enjoyable experiences for myself and my players. He describes the room where a giant crab guards the trident Wave as “basically a bubble inside a tank of boiling water”, noting the crab knows not to pierce the walls and asks, “Are you that smart?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here A sequel, Return to White Plume Mountainwas published inand an updated version conforming to v3. I ruled she could I haven’t looked – is the room still described as “totally frictionless”? Spinning Cylinder This was a lot more fun than I anticipated.

She has an Annis Hag olume her I screwed up here. Elyse gets a charm person off and uses inspiration to impose disadvantage on the save canceling the elf advantage on saves against charms.


Let us know how it ends. Keraptis was finally dead or moungain the world thought. The Kayak enters at the beginning of the round say initiative count 30 and so if the players roll well, they have a chance to act before the opponents. Something just clicked for me, reading some old threads on WPM. The fire clears and Ald blows on his modified Horn of Valhalla summoning two berserkers that melee Snarla to no effect werewolf At the intersection leading to the three wings I add some description: A turn undead and a couple solid hits from the fighter later, and the vampire was toast.

The box contains Whelm modified somewhat and spell scrolls.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Auggi joins Ald, casts detect magic and they take all the loot. All four modules of the S-series were included as part of the Dungeons of Dread hardcover collection, released on March 19, He felt the cavern with boiling mud, hanging disks, and geysers, was “just cruel”.

First Time DM’ing White Plume Mountain!

It took several rounds of fighting in the dark, but eventually one of the wizards managed to maintain concentration and successfully dispel the darkness. They could stop at any point while deciphering. Auggi approaches and calls out in Elven.

This alerts the ghouls in room 20 who come out and attack. So be prepared that if you do send your group into it, they will gain at least 2, possibly ,ountain or 4 levels from it.

He spends some movement to swim to the sinking chest, swim d&f the ppume I am quite excited about the next session, and hope to have some pictures of the ziggurat here at The Learning DM soon. Pool and Drain They pull the plug It’s clear early on that Kalista is the only one really willing to take the risk on the ring.


The party is split 3 to 3 on continuing reading the scroll or using it immediately to fix the Ordning. She entered alone when she saw a party of high elves enter the dungeon many hours after the PC party had entered more on that later. Green Slime Under Water. He burns inspiration to mountaln advantage on the save and makes it.

Meanwhile Amaryllis casts polymorph on Burket turning him into a rabbit. Whelm is there, but modified to better suit our campaign.

Running White Plume Mountain

I describe each key as a skeleton key of identical mountaib, but different material copper, ceramic, gold, silver, black iron, lead, glass, iron and a multi-metal twisted rainbow key. He noted that the adventure focuses on problem solving, with “many interesting problems for players to overcome”. He asks her to come into the darkness and she tries to comply, but the party prevents her. As for the rest of the adventure – the reward weapons are extremely powerful.

Running White Plume Mountain: Sly Flourish

They have information that suggests several more “convergence” events will occur at various locations over the next few months. Last edited by Winenose: Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. The first problem I needed to overcome was the level of the adventure.