Creative Labs DDTS Digital Decoder (51mfaa) Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information. View and download on DocDroid. Another point of view is that DDTS offers a very cheap surround sound for .. us changing anything manually) but no, DDTS passed without complaints.

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It was also such a speaker system we used in the review.

Creative DDTS-100 Manuals

We had a quite weird problem with both the speaker systems we tested one 5. Since we also connected a test computer to the system we used ddtd-100 so called Switch Box but also this was very straight forward and without any difficulties. Thus a CD with its Between two different lossy compression codecs there can be a major difference in quality.

The buttons are OK though. Personally I think that they should have put more effort in it. We have mentioned bitrate in a couple of places.

What soundcard are you using again?. Another unique thing that DTS Neo: DDTS has got support for all the above formats plus a few more or less obvious ones. Most of what you can think of can be connected to the DDTS But such things of course also depend on how you have decorated the room.


A serial number can be found on your product. Judgning by the appearence of other Creative-products they know better design than this.

Never more stereo sound for this author. You simply connect the DDTS to the wall outlet and then plug in all your equipment. In this mode, program material is played back as a two-channel soundfield. This is about as wrong as it can get. We begun by playing LOTR: Ddrs-100 many channels have to share the bitrate that the audio stream has? Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

With seventeen buttons you have got quite a simple control over all the functions that DDTS has to offer. All cables used to connect the computer and peripherals.

We tested a couple of different games. The format can use two different methods: Please contact your local electric utility. So, what is DDTS, this little thingy which obviously has managed to confuse a whole lot of our readers?

Creative DDTS-100 User Manual

On the other hand Dolby Digital has clearly got better compression algorithms. DTS is a format with higher bitrate than Dolby Digital and also contains 6 5. Pay particular attention to the area near the plug original parts. Finally we have the bit depth which simply specifices at what precision the audio is stored.


Download creative decoder ddts manual | Diigo Groups

Dolby ProLogic II has also got the ability to mix up stereo to surround. If we begin with concentrating ourselves on who this product is aimed for I think we can answer most of the questions. It is true that the creation gives a rather plasic impression.

We have looked at the main unit itself and now we take a look at the two important remaining parts of janual package: We can control the volume for the whole system and even for different speaker pairs at the time. For those who want to simplify the cabling at the cost of audio quality and performance the DDTS is an excellent addition to those with nForce2 and SoundStorm.

First of all the number of channels.