This Debian GNU/Linux reference covers many aspects of system administration through Maintainer: Osamu Aoki (青木 修). Packages overview for Osamu Aoki. Osamu Aoki > — Bugs: open debian-reference · 9 · Graph · -, , , , -, · 1 bug · Git!2. debian-reference (Version 2 series). Fri, 09 Mar + Osamu Aoki,. This Debian Reference (v2) is intended to provide a broad overview of the .

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Hardware drivers and firmware 9. This page is also available in the following languages: Dependency resolution of aptitude 2. File manager in MC 1. Debian package management 2.

OsamuAoki – Debian Wiki

Using GnuPG on files The sound infrastructure 9. List of commands for disabling the screen saver 9. Killing a process 9. Safe low level network operations 5.


Latest files from CVS List of advanced gdb commands The network configuration state of ifupdown 5. Normal Unix authentication 4.

Debian Users’ Manuals

Configuration of Subversion repository Tracking unstable with some packages from experimental 2. Debian archive basics 2. Basic package management operations with the commandline 2. The top command 9.

Recording the graphic image of an X application 9.

Checking file to be UTF-8 with iconv Updates and Backports 2. About this document 3. Ksamu root account 1. Printable data utilities List of connection methods to the X server 7.

Osamu Aoki’s Wiki contents for users

Archive level “Release” files 2. Local access to Subversion by group Backup utility suites Expansion of usable storage space using symlink 9. System and hardware time 9. Source code merge tools Browsing with the regex matching 2.

Debian Reference

Packages from mixed source of archives 2. An extra user account 1. This document provides an overview of how to use the APT package manager.


Idioms for the selection of files Simple C program gcc List of text data conversion tools Recording and copying system configuration 2. Table of corresponding TrueType fonts 7. The command syntax simplified 5. List of packages to manipulate files without mounting disk 9.

List of configuration files for the PPP connection with wvdialconf 5. List of key bindings for screen 9.