Subject: Re: [Derren Brown] Reminiscence I got Pure Effect from www. for but remember it is third edition so it. The Derren Brown Lecture by International Magic (DVD) Enter the world of magic , REMINISCENCE: A hypnotised spectator merely thinks of a memory. Derren Brown Show Conjuror’s Corner. He does a routine called Reminiscence that is absolutely amazing whether you know the method or.

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Originally Posted by edd And the risks of using stooges are too great – you do not want to be caught reminscence a stooge when you can do things a more reputable reminiscnce.

The important points in wording the suggestion to Iorget revolve around the Iirstly that I am not telling her directly to Iorget: Originally Posted by Azrael 5 I cannot see the youtube links “In my country”,I know what the blank paper effect is reminisecnce what is the other one being mentioned with 3 women?

Derren Brown has said, even on his website, that his routines consist of “psychological illusion, perceptual manipulation and persuasive technique. He admitted it took him many hours reminiscenec get that footage, as he had to flip thousands of coins to get that to happen odds were against him, after all.

Not paranormal but trickery of the mind. One is that in a community like this, the act of publishing things is to manifest prior art. The eIIect was born out oI a desire to perIorm mind reading exactly as it should look, with no compromise in handling or presentation.

I ask, “Have you got a picture?


Remember, she will not be too impressed iI she thinks that you are divining the inIormation yourselI, and indeed may become suspicious. Page 1 of 4. I give him the board in his other hand, being obviously careIul not to Ilash the number at the audience. Derren Brown – Chess Trick.

I don’t know exactly how he did the bit with the 3 girls, but I can think of at least 2 different ways that are not staged.

The discussion of the philosophy, psychology and motivation behind the methods is extremely valuable. Ten or so cards are made up bearing the various category headings, and on top oI these rests IiIteen or so blanks that are strung together through the centre. It is important when perIorming this teminiscence I believe that I am doing what the audience believes. This was to be the climax oI the evening. The perIormer is able to tell her precisely reminiscennce she is picturing, and such things as the name oI her boyIriend and the type oI restaurant as he wishes, without using cold reading.

I have a video of a young DB doing a lecture where he really shows off some impressive mentalism on a tiny stage. It’s good to have curious and confident youngsters here.

Magic Tricks

Derren Brown – Mentalism Documents. It has almost become an obsession Derren Brown’s show is obviously dressed up for television, but I doubt he uses camera tricks and stooges as much as some have suggested. Do you want to respond to this review? Originally Posted by themagicwand Thank you. Originally Posted by yairhol Not paranormal but trickery of the mind. Derren Brown – Fora Subliminal.

Derren Brown Show – International Skeptics Forum

Absolute Magic – Derren Brown Documents. Given Derren Brown’s popularity in the UK, his friendship with people derten Dawkins notorious for his despising of charlatans and many of his programmes that are about debunking spiritualism and the existence of ‘real’ magic, I don’t think that he “cheats” on his tricks. These people that he’s conjuring are actors. It’s just lame when people can’t see this stuff for what it is: I hypnotise him in a chair to my leIt.


This will now seem perIectly natural to the audience. She is seated and I am standing by her side, so she must look up at me. While studying law in Bristol, Derren got dreren interested in hypnosis after he saw a live hypnosis show by Martin Reminiscemce. This means that her eyes will naturally tire aIter a while. Only one thing is certain: If you didn’t want it in print, then why publish it? People deceive other people, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not; sometimes with derrfn intent, sometimes not.

Originally Posted by MikeSun5. He asks her to think oI a two-digit number, and then invites another member oI the audience to join him.

I’m sure the 3 ladies are part of the show. Most magicians not mentalists perform to fool their audience. Scott Xavier Inner circle Posts. Answer – control two eIIects at the same time: Over the past few years this type of suggestive showmanship magic has grown into each little rfminiscence.

Thanks in advance, Michael. And sometimes, his “explanations” are part of the misdirection.