PALABRAS CLAVE: La distracción osteogénica, formación ósea; Odontología. reabsorption toothless alveolar rims or mandibular and maxilar atrophies. la regeneración ósea guiada (ROG) (6) y distracción ósea (7) que permiten la primera distracción en el hueso membranoso mandibular (19). El nombre de. English: Mandibular micrognathia and unilateral mandibular hypoplasia are a typical feature of certain facial deformity syndromes, though can also appear as.

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Distraction osteogenesis of the craniofacial skeleton. Clin Plast Surg ; These last ones, although to be more steady and malleable, made it difficult for the patients for being discomforted.

According to recent studies, reabsorption toothless alveolar rims or mandibular and maxilar atrophies caused by a syndrome can also be corrected successfully with this technique Jazrawi et al. Evaluation of inferior alveolar nerve function during distraction osteogenesis in the dog. Travesera de Gracia,Barcelona, Barcelona, ES, maxilo elsevier. More recently, DO has modified the treatment form of the congenital and acquired mandibjlar defects Msndibular et al.

After distraction, atrophy of the epithelium was observed, with the disappearance of papillae and the loss of intercellular connections in granular and spinous layers, the formation of dilated capillaries was increased in the lamina propria, there was a mild inflammatory infiltrate, and the collagen fibers were distributed parallel to the distraction vector. Mechanically induced tissue response during distraction.

In other words, he defended the continuous application of tension. Ilizarov a described 2 distracclon types of distraction: This technique was only spread out when Ilizarov presented his studies in a Symposium occurred in New York in the year of a, b.


With the technology and the materials used for the construction and manufacture of odontologics equipments and instruments advanced, more delicate distractor were done.


The influence of stability of fixation and soft tissue preservation. In maxillary bones, the distracciln is largely intramembranous, although foci of endochondral ossification have been reported by some authors. Surgically assisted rapid orthodontic lengthening of the maxilla in primates–a pilot study.

Lengthening of mandibular body by gradual surgical-orthodontic distraction. Multidimensional intraoral distraction osteogenesis of the mandible 4 years of clinical experience.

En un grupo se llega a los 20 mm y en otro a los 10 mm. Temporomandibular joint; Mandibular distraction; Mandibular reconstruction. Casilla D Temuco – Chile Tel.: Applications for mandibular regrowth. Some distractors models are being currently produced and evaluated Grayson et al.

Distracción Osteogénica en la Odontología

It was verified that after a period of stabilization between 4 and 8 weeks, after the distraction forces application, the levels of regenerated bone compressibility and twist already met normalized, although the levels of shear strenght, exactly after 8 weeks still remain reduced. The tension-stress effect on the genesis and growth of tissues: Condylar displacement related to mandibular symphyseal distraction.

Se considera que esto significa cambios adaptativos o remodeladores propios de la ATM. Combined Surgical therapy of temporomandibular joint ankylosis and secondary deformity using intraoral distraction.

Distracción ósea mandibular con aparatos reabsorbibles (reporte de tres casos).

The biology of fracture healing in long bones. Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; One of the important applications occurs in the extensive oral rehabilitations cases where unsatisfactory prosthetic reconstructions are frequent because of the advanced alveolar rim loss and the difficulties in recovering it with enxertia.

Knee articular cartilage injury in leg lengthening: He demonstrated that distraction was also produced transversally to the longitudinal axis of the bone, which is of relevance to the distraction of the alveolar ridge. Management of severe maxillary deficiency in childhood and adolescence through distraction osteogenesis with an external, adjustable, rigid distraction device. Ann Plast Surg ; There appears to be an initial stretching of the mucosa, which undergoes reorganization in response to this new spatial situation.


J Craniofac Surg ;8: Rat mandibular distraction osteogenesis: Later, after a period of consolidation, there seems mandibulae be greater cell proliferation in the basal layer. Osteoblastic mandiular of the rabbit temporomandibular joint during distraction osteogenesis assessed by fluoride positron emission tomography.

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The concept of callotasis is of interest in implant surgery, especially monofocal callotasis for the linear regeneration of tissues. Mandibular micrognathia and unilateral mandibular hypoplasia are a typical feature of certain facial deformity syndromes, though can also appear as sequelae of maxillofacial hard tissue trauma.

Effect of mandibular distraction on the temporomandibular joint. With a continuous and lesser intensity force application the bone regeneration occurs in a faster speed and presents a lesser consolidation period Kessler et al.

Distracción mandibular y articulación temporomandibular

Formation of new bone during vertical distraction osteogenesis of the human mandible is related to the presence of blood vessels. Lengthening the human mandible by gradual distraction. The tension-stress effect on the genesis and growth of tissues: It can be classified in two basic types: