With compelling clarity, Henwood dissects the world’s greatest financial center, laying open the Intricacies of how, and for whom, the market works. The Wall. In , though, such arguments were pretty close to unheard of. Which is what makes Doug Henwood’s book Wall Street, published that year. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY. ADVERTISEMENT. Wall Street: How It Works and for Whom. Doug Henwood, Author Verso $25 (p) ISBN

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Interesting in parts, overly minute in others.

Internet blag of the year – “Wall Street”

Edward Wygand rated it did not like it Jan 02, I can only say: Although DH is making his argument in a journalistic style and not a rigorous academic form, this view is certainly supported by the recent IPO plans of Groupon, LinkedIn, and Facebook, which all have publicly stated that they do not need the cash but would like to give their existing equity holders a liquid market that they can use to mark the value of their holdings or to exit.

Oftentimes, policies that benefit holders of financial assets are promoted using the argument that “Hey, almost everyone owns some stock.

It also includes a sample trading week to put these concepts into action.

What is undeniably true is that when my mortgage note was sold, changed hands at least twice in the s it had absolutely no effect whatsoever on my financial situation. Jun 19, Claudia rated it really liked it. How It Works and for Whom. Get it for free: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This book can be dry at times, but offers a good outsider look at the financial world and what it’s doing to the larger world.

Wall Street, Jun 25 | Video |

Jul 16, Gerald Weaver rated it it was amazing. Oct 11, Amanda J marked it as to-read Shelves: They’d rather grind the economy to a halt then share the wealth and power with the workers who generate it. Jul 20, Subvert rated it it was amazing. Written inthis book diagnoses the crisis, its causes, symptoms, and streett. Hidden from public view, the markets are poorly regulated, badly managed, chronically myopic and often corrupt. The most interesting thing about this book is his explanation that there is a major divide in the ruling class between managers and rich families.


Paperbackpages. Download it quick before he gets his marbles back is my advice. I could be putting henwoof a play where a US-based left winger could be handy on the board, and he seems to know his way around the markets.

From throughthe average was 0. I was quite happy with the results.

Doug Henwood

The needs of the bond markets long-term investments that are weakened by inflation have determined our low-growth economic policies and limited possibilities for unionization and economic equality in the U.

This is a really good book if you want to understand how the financial system works in the U. I started reading this book because I’ve been reading some left-leaning econ bloggers Josh Mason, Mike Konczal and ran across mention of Henwood and this book a few times.

He is the author of a recent book entitled Wall Street and he reiterated points that he had made in the book such as the relationship between Wall Street and “Main Street”. Rea This is a very good book in macro and microeconomics.

Download Wall Street

Jul 05, 2: There was an error processing your purchase. Apr 25, Brad rated it it was amazing. You can download it for free here. This was followed in by Wall Street Verso Booksin which Henwood described the workings of high finance, and then by After the New Economy The New Press, an analysis of the s boom and bust.

Henwood occasionally interviews on other radio and television wal.

Federal Communications Commission wlal. Behind the News features interviews with activists, intellectuals and academics, preceded by a summary of recent economic headlines.


He is the author of a recent book… read more. I cant wait to read his book on the end of the ‘new economy’, although after reading wall street I’m not sure what about it he would need to correct or change to account for the bursting of the dotcom or the housing bubbles, since some parts of the book read as if they were written in the middle of the TARP era.

February 2, Wall Street Culture In light of recent excesses from Wall Street executives, plus statements about executive compensation from President….

The newsletter is widely followed in the investment community. Jan 06, Ryan rated it really liked it Shelves: As a youth Henwood was acquainted with Marxismbut he briefly self-identified with conservatism towards the end of high school.

He publishes a newsletter, Left Business Observerthat analyzes economics and politics from a left-wing perspective, is hendood and co-editor, along with Phillipa Dunne, of The Liscio Reportan independent newsletter focusing on macroeconomic analysis, and is a contributing editor at The Nation.

Can’t recommend it enough.

Oct 13, Omar Halabieh rated it really liked it. Henwod 22, Justin rated it liked it Shelves: Home Comments policy Subscribe. I quit not quite halfway through, but that’s says more about me than it does Henwood’s book. This chapter presents the numerous financial models that have been devised to simulate the market.

It also discusses features of these markets, namely efficiency, disinformation, noise, fads, and bubbles. Econ tells us that the function of the stock market is to allocate capital to real-economy enterprises.

Ed rated it it was amazing Jan 09,