Starting Mentor Graphics’ DxDesigner for the First Time Engineering Starting DxDesigner. Fall 7. As the instructions in the lab manual to use it . Starting Mentor Graphics’ DxDesigner Tool Suite for the First Time Engineering Starting DxDesigner. Fall See the ENGN manual for more. This tool can be used to simulate circuits using the DxDesigner schematic editor and the . do not need to manually save your design. B) Make.

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The terms and conditions governing the sale and licensing of Mentor Graphics products are set forth in written agreements between Mentor Graphics and its customers.

Problem with DxPDF in DxDesigner

Click the PDBs tab and toggle on the appropriate partitions 5. Connecting the output driving ground to the ground plane is known as creating a virtual ground pin, which helps to minimize simultaneous switching noise SSN and ground bounce effects. Each row in the spreadsheet represents a pin in the symbol.

However, when using only a. Added standard installation and licensing information. Replace this block with your specific board loading models. As the board design progresses, you must perform pin reassignments to optimize the layout. The status of the simulation is displayed in the window and saved in an.


Most FPGA devices contain hundreds of pins, requiring large schematic symbols that may not fit on a single schematic page. Related Information Schematic Review Worksheets.

IBIS models provide a way to run accurate signal integrity simulations quickly. Manal can also create a new, empty database and manually add the assignment information.

Intel Quartus Prime Pro Edition User Guide: PCB Design Tools

Pin name mismatch between parent block and child schematic. This condition is automatically set up for the slow timing corner and must be modified only if other simulation corners are desired.

The simulation analysis block is set up to measure double-counting corrected delays. The sample board trace loading in the generated HSPICE model files must be replaced by your actual trace model before you can run a correct simulation. Hierarchical block is unconnected 3. Net renames and differing connectivity is reported.

Integrating with DxDesigner

By their nature, HSPICE decks are highly customizable and require a detailed description of the circuit under simulation. You can add symbols to an existing library or you can create a new library specifically for the symbols generated from your FPGA designs. However, Intel recommends that you customize the board description to more accurately represent your routing and termination scheme.

The high-speed interfaces available on current FPGA devices must be modeled accurately and integrated into timing models and board-level signal integrity simulations. Click Use standard component to base your symbol on an existing component. View and edit each section individually.

  AFI 31-401 PDF

Other values found in the.

The Symbol Pins tab appears. Then copy the command line command from the DxDesigner Reference Manual: In fact, IBIS models ignore any board trace model settings other than the far-end capacitive load.

That information needs to be transferred forward into expedition. If you see a discontinuity or other anomalies at the destination, such manuual slow rise and fall times, adjust the termination scheme or termination component values.

Edit the Part definition to match the schematic symbol properties. An example of modification is scaling the DA schematic. Input signals for Cyclone III devices are supported. When the buffer is assigned as an input, use the parallel termination g50c.

Modify hot key in DxDesigner

By default, the descriptions are derived from the first line of the HSPICE file, so the description might appear as a line of asterisks. This checkbox provides the capability for Xpedition and PADS intergrated and netlist dxdeskgner to use either key bindings script. The Select project dialog box appears.

Do not apply this method of hold-time analysis to source synchronous buses. Intel recommends selecting an.