Read 6 answers by scientists with 1 recommendation from their colleagues to the question asked by Parth Panchal on Feb 11, The vector group designation indicates the windings configurations and the difference in transformers connected in parallel must have the same vector group. The Dyn winding vector groups do not allow zero sequence currents (commonly known as earth fault current) to pass across the transformer. Thus, the yn side of.

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Two winding, three phase transformers can be divided into four main categories. Gujarat Industries Power Co Ltd. June 24, at 5: In such case the GSU vector group will change or not. Does the downstream transformer vektor groups have transformet effect on fault currents.

Vector group

July 24, at 5: But if unbalancing is randomly on different phases then segregate 3 phase and 1 phase load; identify the load causing unbalancing and try to divide the single phase load equally on three phases for this you need to modify your distribution on different electrical panels and may be some wiring changes are also required for distributing the load.

Am very happy and enjoy your thesis and details.

July 1, at December 1, at 1: Darren Jul 28, Please give the detail procedure of vector group test with the example dym11. Any specific reason for that? May 29, at Means more load is sometime on R phasesometimes on Y phase and so on. February 25, at 6: March 7, at Normally Dyn11 vector group using at distribution system.


Show More Answers 1. When two transformers are connected in parallel, their phase shifts must be identical; if not, a short circuit will occur when the transformers are energized.

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July 31, at 9: The voltages transformrr either be in-phase or displaced by degree. Sir, Can u tell me the vector group connection of YnO …. Dy,Yy or Dy we need to select for the above one.

April 22, at 4: This is called a 30 degree phase shift. Assuming Ynd1 Transformer with Zigzag connected on delta side for grounding purposes. The answer will be useful for us to design. How does clockwise and anticlockwise winding changes the polarity of the secondary winding? Generally direction is taken as anticlockwise. Don’t have an account? But I want to know about the test methode and voltage relation of different type vector group.

What is meant by vector group for transformers and why is it important?

The JB community would be thrilled if you add one and it won’t take more than a min. Because if it is possible it will reduce total harmonic distortion THD i Please suggest as early as possible.

The phase windings of a polyphase transformer can be connected internally in different configurations, depending on what characteristics are needed from the transformer.


Three phase transformer consists of three sets of primary windings, one for each phase, and three sets of secondary windings wound on the same iron core. Please reply me Please reply me Thanks again. Sir, how we find out vector group from calculation, if vector group not mention on name plate? When you want to go for parallel you have to check follows.

What will be vector group for that. Sign in to JobBuzz. April 15, at The two most common configurations are the delta, in which the polarity end of one winding is connected to the non-polarity end of the next, and the star, in which all three non-polarities or polarity ends are connected together. I think, vector arrangement diagram shown in the article for the Dy5 and Dy7 need to change as it may require correction.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mostly Ynd11 vector group is used in distribution application because of 1. Transformers built to ANSI standards usually do not have the vector group shown on their nameplate and instead a vector diagram is given to show the relationship between the primary and other windings.