This is an account of how an angry young man can cross the line that divides theoretical support for violence from a state of ‘killing rage’, in which the murder of . EAMON COLLINS, who met a violent death on a road at Newry, Co In the book Killing Rage, Mr Collins described in detail how he. Police at the scene of Eamon Collins’ murder Collins detailed his life in the IRA in the critically acclaimed book Killing Rage, which explained.

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C News, 3 October His planning was directly responsible for at least five murders, including that of the Ulster Defence Regiment Maj.

He also did not like that the Catholic people did not have the same rights as the Protestants in Northern Ireland. The reader gets the feeling of receiving a full account, but Collins hinted in interviews that this was only a sample of what he got up to. It is a truthful picture of the brutality and waste caused by the IRA’s unwinnable campaign, and of its human consequences. An Apprenticeship in Violence.

That is hardly touched on but actually was quite defining. Collins spoke in court about Murphy’s role as the IRA’s chief of staff and key fundraiser, who earned millions for the Provisionals through smuggling fuel, livestock, illicit alcohol and the control of counterfeit goods in the border region.

It’s really too bad but maybe not surprising that he was murdered by his own side kioling it.

‘Killing Rage’ – A Missing Chapter From The Story Of Eamon Collins’ Life In The IRA

Collins eventually retracted his statements so he would no longer be a supergrass. I recently read three books about the troubles in Northern Ireland. He killkng that as a middle class Catholic, he eanon ate good meat. This is why I have a bookshelf. Obviously, it is a profoundly depressing read, not least because Collins was beaten to death presumably by IRA, although it’s never been confirmed two years after the book was published.


Killing Rage – Eamon Collins, Mick McGovern – Google Books

The junior read with a strong stomach can find this book rewarding although adult in theme- parents be prepared for discussions about maturation. Eamon Collins was knocked down and stabbed with a hunting knife around the head a short distance from his home in Newry in January It is also a self-portrait of the despair and disintegration, the hardening to conscience and grief, that accompany political violence.

Then they carry out their part in the struggle. Hi Ed, Some time ago you posted a link to a blog that was a recount of the same story: This one is the most disturbing and probably one of the most important ones to read.

He likes to give me books to help address that. I have no doubt the IRA were involved in his murder. The intimacy of the Ulster conflict, what it means to carry out a political murder when in all probability the victim is personally known, or lives in a nearby street, is described accurately by an honest participant.

Killing Rage

From a university student with radical leanings to a soldier in the guerrilla war in Northern Ireland, Collins tells the very personal motivation behind his decisions and perhaps more importantly, how his actions lead him to a point where he no longer What are the causes, and consequences, of a person that crosses the line to use violence to achieve political means? Dec 04, Alexander Bell rated it it was amazing.

But, like every other book I’ve read by a terrorist, it’s just a pathetic, failed attempt at whiny justification their very own choice to partake and enjoy! After several years in Dublin, he subsequently moved to Edinburgh, Scotland for a period, where he ran a youth centre.

Not satisfied with this, he annoyed the IRA command structure in Crumlin Road gaol ,illing refusing to kow-tow to them and constantly reminding them of the bankruptcy of their terrorist actions.

I read it about 10 years ago and am so glad I picked it up again. Read it and gain an understanding of the Troubles, to the point where you feel like there’s no hope; dage then follow Eamon’s path to rejecting the republican movement altogether.


Not always an easy read, but an interesting and important one to understand the modern terrorist After a traditional Irish wakewith a closed coffin necessitated due to the damage to his face, [25] and a funeral service at St. Lists with This Book. Collins’ mother was devout Catholicand he was brought up under her influence with a sense of awe for the martyrs of that religion in Irish history, in its conflicts with Protestantism.

I feel a little let down.

He would have us believe that he and killig he, Eamon Collins, can accurately tell the story of the “real” IRA. Really interesting story by a former IRA member. The Sickly Smell of Success. But, it was effective enough to where Collins was murdered 2 years after its publication. Published on Youtube 26 February Very, very interesting look at the internal workings of the IRA and the author’s doubts and criticisms of the organisation.

Collins became noted within IRA circles for his hard-line views on the continuance of armed campaign, and later joined its Internal Security Unit.

Killing Rage by Eamon Collins

So even though he becomes ckllins terrorist, you sympathize with him In Easteras he walked home to his parents’ home in South Armagh during a break from his studies in Belfast, on arrival he found both his parents being man-handled by British troops during a house-to-house raid searching for illegal weapons, [3] and on remonstrating with them Collins was eamkn seriously assaulted, and both he and his father were arrested and detained. He would later write that because of his Ulster background he felt closer culturally to Scottish people than people from the Irish Republic.

He was moved to an area where the other supergrasses were kept.