Table 1 EM78PSAP, EM78PSAM and EM78PSFK Pin Description 37 EM78PS-G I-V Curve Operating at kHz max. EM78PSAP Datasheet PDF Download -, EM78PSAP data sheet. EM78PSAP datasheet, EM78PSAP datasheets and manuals electornic semiconductor part. EM78P, EM78PN, EM78PNAM, EM78PNAP .

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Em78p447saap-g one of the interrupts enabled occurs, the next instruction will be fetched from address H. The diode D acts as a short circuit at the moment of power down. Code Security Bit 0: The extra external reset circuit will work well if Vdd can rise at very fast speed 50 ms or less. Table 9 provides the recommended values of C1 and C2. The Watchdog timer and prescaler are cleared. The values of T and P listed in Table 5 below are used to verify the event that triggered the processor to wake up.

This circuit is used when the power supply has slow rise time. Bit 4 SLPC This bit is set by hardware at the low level trigger of wake-up signal and is cleared by software. One program page is words long. Input is driven at 2.


IOCF is the interrupt mask register. The interrupt flag bit must be cleared by instructions before leaving the interrupt service routine and before interrupts are enabled to avoid recursive interrupts. ELAN represents no warranty for the use of the specifications described, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited, to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purposes. Dubendorfstrasse 4, Zurich, Switzerland Telephone: Check Table 6 rm78p447sap-g.


The WDT will keep on running even after the oscillator driver has been turned off i. SLPC is used to control the oscillator operation. To avoid reset from occurring when the port6 status changed interrupt enters into interrupt vector or is used to wake-up the MCU, the WDT prescaler must be set above 1: The oscillator starts or is running? The WDTE bit can be read and written.

Zhangjiang, Hi-tech Park, Shanghai Telephone: For design datzsheet only. If they cannot be kept in this range, the frequency is easily affected by noise, This specification is subject to change without prior notice. Previous value before reset. Writable and readable as any other registers. In this case, the execution takes two instruction cycles.

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In order to maintain a stable system frequency, the values of the Cext should not be less than 20pF, and that the value of Rext should not be greater than 1 M ohm. Timing m easurements are made at 2. Under customer application, when power is OFF, Vdd must drop to below 1.

Once in the interrupt service routine, the source of an interrupt can be determined by polling the flag bits in R3F. CONT register is both readable and writable.

EM78PSAP 데이터시트(PDF) – ELAN Microelectronics Corp

Its major ej78p447sap-g is to act as an indirect addressing pointer. Two clocks per instruction cycle? All the information and explanations of the Products in this website is only for your reference.

See the configuration of the data memory in Fig. Bit 4 T Time-out bit. This way, daatasheet EM78PS will reset and work normally. Normally, all instructions are executed within one single instruction cycle one instruction consists of 2 oscillator periodsunless the program counter is changed by instruction “MOV R2,A”, “ADD R2,A”, or by instructions of arithmetic or logic operation on R2 e.


When an interrupt is generated by the INT instruction enabledthe next instruction will be fetched from address H. These can be pulled-high internally datashet software control.


Enable the wake-up function. Set Port6 or P74 or P75 Input 2. It cannot be addressed. The pulse width time constant should be kept long enough for Vdd to reached minimum operation voltage.

XTAL2 type low frequency, In some graphic, the data maybe out of the specified warranted operating range. Set as TCC overflows; flag cleared by software.

If this pin remains at logic low, the controller will also remain in reset condition. In order to ensure the stable output of the oscillator, once the oscillator is enabled again, there is a delay for approximately 18ms1 oscillator start-up timer, OST before the next instruction of the program is executed. The symbol “R” represents a register designator that specifies which one of the registers including operational registers and general purpose registers is to be utilized by the instruction.

The Program Counter R2 is set to all “1”.