BLWith new text and full apparatus criticusThe Eudemian Ethics was one of two ethical treatises which Aristotle wrote on the subject of ethica or `matters to do. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Note: Ethica eudemia and de virtutibus et vitiis are translated by J. Solomon. Physical Description: xxiii, p. ; 23 cm. Locate a Print Version: Find in a library .

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First, however, must come discussion of a passage that gives good grounds to think that the EE mss.

R. R. Walzer & J. M. Mingay (eds.), Ethica Eudemia – PhilPapers

Then there is a section concerning kalokagathiathe beautiful and good nobility of a gentleman, a virtue which implies all the moral virtues as well as good fortune. Aristotle – – Clarendon Press. But why Aristotle would suddenly use a poetic Greek at this point in his text is hard to fathom had the scribe recently been copying or reading Homer and unconsciously lapsed into a Homeric word? The third passage confirms the same fact.

Ethica Eudemia : Aristoteles : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

For something can be naturally among things preferable but not itself naturally preferable; it is one thing to be by nature in a certain class and another for that class to be itself natural. Science Logic and Mathematics. Since Kb and the EE mss. Of the political just there is the natural ethuca the legal: Aristotle – – Oxford University Press. The Great Ethics of Aristotle.

Adjecto de Virtutibus Et Vitiis Libello.

So the question whether Glaucon was wronged in the exchange with Diomedes is settled, not by the fact that Diomedes got more but by the fact that Glaucon was along with Diomedes a distributor, since his being a distributor means he was willing and so, by definition, not wronged. So NE does not bother with them. Click here to sign up. The view that no EE mss.

There is no like up and down in EE, for there is no up and down in the philosophical or theoretical life or in a life devoted to worship of the god EE book 8. Skip to main content.

Aristotle – Ethica Eudemia [Hardback]

So EE expressly draws attention to what the mind of the wrongdoer must be as well as, in the next line, to what the will of the wronged must be, while EN contents itself with drawing attention only to what the will of the wronged must be. Second will come some discussion of particular passages where the differences look ejdemia substantive and 20 As so divided the Greek hardly makes sense. The other passages to be discussed afterwards will support that supposition, but since these other passages turn on verbal differences that may seem to be no more than scribal error, there is some value in discussing the first passage first.


The fact, however, that Ashburner anticipated Harlfinger is not the real value of his articles, which is rather that they contain, first, reviews of the relative merits of the respective mss.

Simpson – – Transaction Publishers. The difference in this interpretation is that the division does eudemiia concern being wronged by itself but being wronged and wronging together.

The main justification is the way the first option is stated being wronged is involuntary as wronging is involuntaryfor it associates being wronged and wronging in the same class of the involuntary. For since it is possible to do a wrong incidentally or involuntarily and so to do it without wronging or without being unjustis it possible to suffer a wrong involuntarily that someone inflicted incidentally or involuntarily?

Is all being wronged involuntary, as all wronging is involuntary?

EN, we may say, sticks to the legislative focus while EE goes beyond it. For to my fellow academic, David J. They are like the equitable, never insisting on more than they have, however little, but yielding to others who have not reached the same level of virtue.

Ethica Eudemia

Justice ethiica way of likeness will then perhaps be edemia same thing for particular justice is like general or legal justice in that it exists in relation to anotheror perhaps it is the justice found in the household, which is discussed shortly.

Most people have the goods in a way that varies between too much and too little, and here there is justice or a need to balance out the distribution of goods. The translator for the Loeb edition, Harris Rackham, states in the Introduction to that edition ethic “in some places The Eudemian Ethics is fuller in expression eudrmia more discursive than The Nicomachean Ethics.

For there are some for whom it is not possible to have an excess of them, as the gods perhaps, and others, the incurably bad, for whom no share can be of any benefit but it all harms them, and others for whom a share up to a point is beneficial. Bekker initiated the practice of printing the common books only in NE and not also EE. Rhetoric Rhetoric to Alexander Poetics. The answer b is, first, that the equitable man can in a sense be getting more, namely of reputation or the noble, and, second, that, eudekia he acts voluntarily, then, as stated already bhe is not wronged but at most harmed.


EN moves from saying honor and the like are preferable in themselves, to saying they are not naturally preferable but in between, to saying they are noble and good. This idea gets support from the Eudemiia when Aristotle says that the household of man and wife and slave arises from natural desire and does not need any conscious or deliberate arranging by a legislator, as the political community does Pol.

As to etuica treatment of C, he was following his own view of its relative worth, as well as his sense that, where A and B agreed, the chances of C disagreeing were slim. This result is confirmed by two related passages in the same overall context. It also resolves all the questions in the EE list, eudejia least to the same extent, namely of showing that being wronged is always involuntary.

But the EE version expressly talks about being harmed by someone doing wrong and not just, as in the EN version, by someone doing a harm voluntarily. Is being wronged either all voluntary or all involuntary, as all wronging eudmeia voluntary?

Walzer, who was aided in the revision by his former pupil Mrs Jean Mingay, who continued his work after his death in For while this substance is fundamentally the same, there are passages where eydemia textual variants suggest a deliberate difference of focus or intention. Remember me on this computer. However, the EE version might answer the puzzle more directly because it also raises it again, if obliquely, while the EN version does not.

The Eudemian Ethics Greek: These readings moreover do 8 Ashburner seems to be a careful and reliable collater, as a partial comparison of his collations for the common books against a review of Laur. Still it is clear after reflection.