Political rivalry: Ezhavas for 30% Kerala population and Nairs, about 10–15%! Nairs have fared better than . A brief history on rise of Ezhava assertiveness. Ezhava (or Elava in Tamil rich old Malayalam) literally means people from Elam or Elanka or just Lanka, todays Sri Lanka. Ezhavas were. The group shares a common history from the pre-social reform era, [citation needed] Most theories of origin for the Ezhavas suggest a Sri.

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New cultures formed and some destroyed. But when the religion started establishing its roots in keralait mixed rituals and poojas into its way of worship.

History of Ezhava by Gurudevan. Sree Narayana Guru described the conversion since he said that they were made for materialistic or temporary benefits, convenience, or as an escape from discrimination and religious persecution. Poorakkali is a folk dance prevalent among the Ezhavas of Malabar, usually performed in Bhagavathy temples as a ritual offering during the month of Meenam March — April.

Ezhavas followed Tharavadu, a system of joint family setup practised by some Malayalee communities. It ties in perfectly.

Most of their converts were from the Thiyya community. All that matter is do you want to be a Hindu? Itty Achudan was probably the best known Ezhava chego vaidyan of medieval period who directly took part in the compilation of Hortus Malabaricusa seventeenth century Latin book on medicinal plants.


Kesavan Vaidyar founder of Chandrika was ezhavq the title of Vaidyaratnam by K. The warriors from both Ezhavas and Thiyyas were known as ‘chekavas’. The five or more performers with their leader called Kaliachan enter the performance area after a ritualistic bath, with sandalwood paste over their foreheads, dressed in white dhoti, and with a towel wrapped around their heads.


In Nambuthri House hold,Only the eldest member was allowed to wzhava he could have up to 5 wives at a time where as the other members where allowed to have “sambandham”,a loose sexual liaison with Nair ladies.

The Memorial was also an ultimatum given to the government, which said that the Ezhavas would convert en masse if it was not implemented [citation needed]. As for your reference – hsitory You had to step aside if I happen to cross your path”.

Ezhava – Wikipedia

Now-a-days illams became non-existent in kerala. Mainly because one of their main professions was ‘ Vaidyam ‘ which required ‘ pandityam ‘ mastery in sanskrit.

That phase of Buddhism in kerala was coined as ” Tantric buddhism “. Social Mobility In Kerala: Arjuna nritham or Mayilpeeli Thookkam “Arjuna nritham” the dance of Arjuna or Mayilpeeli Thookkam is a ritual art performed by men of Ezhava histoory and is prevalent in the Bhagavathy temples of south Kerala, mainly in Kollam, Alappuzha and Kottayam districts.

Kerala – Gateway To Paradise ( Kerala History, Kerala Society, Kerala Culture,

I could tell that he was a bit infuriated that I believed in such stupid info and gave me a hour long lecture on the Origin of Ezhavas and the lineage between, EzhavasNambootiris and Nairs The thought was still on my mind when my sisters father- in-law visited us yesterday.

The circus holds a special attraction among community members in north Kerala and many of the famous acrobats of India come from this community Theories of origin. This is also known as Pandavarkali, which means the play of the Pandavas, the five heroes of the Mahabharathaand is also performed Asari, Moosari, Karuvan, Thattan and Kallasari communities. I got the same info regarding ezhavas as coming from ceylon. Praise the work done by Gurudeva.


History of Ezhava

C, the black outcastes such as the Parayas, Pulayas,Ulladas etc who were the aboriginal tribes in the area and the Syrian Christians who migrated from the Middle East all other communities of contemporary Kerala descended from the same ethnic group. It is also performed by Christians and some other Hindu communities. How could any one say that those who worshiped Lord Madan or a Chattan is not a Hindu while those who worshiped Kali is?

There was a time Priests where considered in high esteem;They impressed upon the rulers and the general public alike that they gistory the Ambassadors or incarnation of the God.

Until the 18th century, females of non-Brahmin class were allowed to wear only a single loin cloth girdled round the waist. Narayana Panicker, a Malayalam lexicographer pointed out that the domestic services in Sanskrit were swavrithy suna- eva-vrithy which is given as “sevaswa vritl ralthyata” hidtory Manusmruti and sevaswa vrithy in Histoyr and, therefore he comes to the conclusion like Kanippayyoor that the term Nayar means one who serves the Nampootiri with dog-like loyalty for further meaning refer to pp.

Erin Weeks Fitness Personal Trainer. Kalari Panickers from an Ezhava tharavaad based at Kulathoor were trainers of famous Ettuveetil Pillamars, and their descendants have looked after the Chamundi Devi Kalari devatha temple at Thozhuvancode, Thiruvananthapuram.