Overview: Integrating BIG-IP DNS (formerly GTM) with other BIG-IP systems on a Setting Up a BIG-IP DNS Redundant System Configuration. Hi, Does anyone have any example GTM configurations to provide GSLB to LTMs? and reading this guide: Having said that, here are some simple configuration commands via tmsh for configuring a GTM for initial use. Integrating BIG-IP GTM Into a Network with BIG-IP LTM Overview: Configuring how and when GTM saves configuration changes GTM never saves changes to the configuration (manual save required).

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When you add a virtual server to a pool, it becomes a pool member. You must be logged in to answer. Secondary Zone files for a secondary zone are copies of the principal zone files.

AskF5 | Manual: BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager: Implementations

Stub zones are similar to secondary zones, except that stub zones gude only the NS records for the zone.

Create a wide IP using wildcard characters in the name to represent a domain when you have a large quantity of aliases that you want to use for the domain. You must perform this task from the command-line interface.

A virtual server is a specific IP address and port number that points to a resource on the network. The Mail Exchange resource record, MX, defines the mail system s for configueation given domain.

When you assign a Prober pool to a data center, by default, the servers in that data center inherit that Prober pool. If you want further help creating a custom hint file, see SOL on www. Before you begin, ensure that the Setup utility was run on both devices. A distributed application associated with that wide IP also becomes unavailable.


Gather information about the routers that you want to define as links, including: Third-party load balancing systems A third-party load balancing system is any system, other than a BIG-IP system, that supports and manages virtual servers on the network. The IT team can use this configuration to customize the virtual server for each pool to which it belongs, without modifying the actual virtual server itself. The Address record, or A record, lists the IP address for a given host name.

A wide IP maps a fully-qualified domain name FQDN to one or more pools of virtual servers that host the content of a domain.

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These statistics reflect only the number of Probe requests and their success or failure. If the active unit goes offline, the standby unit immediately assumes responsibility for managing DNS traffic.

The zone file for a hint zone specifies an initial set of root nameservers for the zone. Prober pool statistics displayed per system. When the local nameserver starts or restartsthe nameserver queries the root servers in the hint zone for the most current list of root servers.

About persistence connections Most load balancing methods divide DNS name resolution requests among available pools or virtual servers. Configuring virtual server status for clusters You can configure virtual server status to be r5 only on the timeout value of the monitor associated with the virtual server.

Use to replace a single character, except a dot. The start of authority resource record, SOA, starts every zone file and indicates that a nameserver is the best source configurstion information for a particular zone. The first generation of a key has an ID of 0 zero. A related question about the answer: Using ZoneRunner to configure named. You can login here.


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The number of listeners you create depends on your network configuration and the destinations to which you want to send specific queries. Determine the virtual servers upon which you want the availability of a virtual server to be dependent. The SOA gkide indicates that a nameserver is authoritative for a zone. You also configure the devices to be in an active-standby redundant system configuration. New, Pending, or Active.

Alternatively, GTM might send a request to the data configuuration that has the fastest response time. With the ZoneRunner utility, you can: Please do not provide personal information.

Over time, each generation of a key overlaps the previous generation of the key ensuring that GTM can respond to a DNSSEC query even if one generation of a key becomes unavailable. The name of the new Prober pool is based on the IP address of the original Statistics Collection server.

At an interval specified in the SOA record, secondary zones query the primary zone to check for and obtain updated zone data. In general, gtn New and Pending states are temporary.

AskF5 | Manual Chapter: BIG-IP GTM Configuration

Sign Up Login My Support. NS nameserver The nameserver resource record, NS, defines the nameservers for a configuratino domain, creating a delegation point and a subzone. About Prober pool status The status of a Prober pool also indicates the status of the members of the pool. The best practice is to create four listeners: Replies using TCP Cisco routers: