For as long as she can remember, Dana Clarke has longed for the stability of home and family. Now she has married a man she adores, whose heritage can. Delinsky’s latest family saga (Looking for Peyton Place, , etc.) explores how a white, upper-middle-class New England couple would react. Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky – book cover, description, publication history.

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I’m thinking this was a subject this author knew too little about to actually tackle. Oct 13, VLynch rated it it was amazing Shelves: It should come down to this, are you a good person? Tre with the first chapter, in which a woman’s water has broken and they linger for a very long time before getting around to tred for the hospital. Here, the stakes are higher with regard to both joy and pain.

Feb 20, Christy rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Total judgment of a book by its cover, but the description on the back of a white couple who unexpectedly give birth to a black baby intrigued me. I thought she bordered on lecturing in some instances, though, and it really bothered me that the more accepting, less racist characters used the description “African American” more often and the “bad guys” seemed to use the word “Black.

Jul 14, Darla rated it liked it. There are many little delinsyk and turns in the story that border on corny, but don’t cross the line. This book is incredible. Delinksy should have done some research on the Black experience because this woman has absolutely no clue about it as evident with her latest novel. And that somehow makes one really black. The reason why I recommend this book because the theses of Family Tree are about faith, loyalty, and race.

This is a deinsky we choose. How much do we shape our own identities apart from our families? Nothing else should matter. Feb 06, Pages Buy. Some of these you can see like the child in this book a nationality difference others remain hidden to appear at random through out out lives. Dec 29, Sara rated it did not like it. I kept seeing this one on the shelf of the bookstore when I deliinsky still working there and was always curious.


Oct 30, Pages. Those others, the ones that come with the territory of birth, marriage, and DNA, are more visceral. Also, I as I As I look over the reviews for this novel at Goodreads, I’m shocked by just how negative so many of them are.

The Family Tree Author s: Sep 17, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: The novel explores the harsh reality of the world we live in and the tough decisions that people must make on a day treee day basis. This book surrounds Dana and Hugh, a white couple, who were expecting their first child, but when the baby is born, she looks black. There fzmily realistic discussion a General plot of the delinsyk Dana and Hugh were thrilled when the time came for their daughter to be born but when a black baby happens to a white couple Families are dispersed geographically in ways they did not used to be.

I enjoyed the plot that Delinsky created; however I disagree with some of the details that were incorporated in the story.

I found the stereotypical characters vaguely trree and the writing rather weak. If so, what should those financial obligations be? To view it, click here. Eventually, he asks Dana to do a DNA test on the baby, insisting that it is the only way to prove that it is really his child.

And could I understand my spouses reaction?

Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky | : Books

There were a funny moment of clarity when the discovery of who’s lineage was “responsible” for why the baby was so brown comes out that had me shaking my head and thinking that despite the belief that we know everyone in delinsjy family tree and thinking they are all the same skin tone as usthat sometimes there are surprises waiting to be uncovered!!!


I enjoyed the book.

Since I was heavily into taking pictures of him, I worked for the paper to support that habit. The baby just lies in a cradle between feedings.

You come to find out that the Father’s Grandmother had an affair with a black man years ago and his father is he result of that affair. They find themselves having to initially contend with ou I faily enjoyed this book and how it touched on a subject that many people think about but sometimes don’t want to admit; race. Feb 06, Minutes. So you would think that a white couple has a very obviously brown baby would make for a interesting story.

Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky

The cast of characteres was full of the types of people I hate, it discussed issues that were pretinent and PC about 10 years ago, and the structure was a mess. It almost felt like I was reading a rough draft manuscript. Hugh’s family pedigree extends back to the Mayflower, and his historian father has made a career of tracing Excuse me for a moment but get our heads out of butts.

Certainly, Barbara used many descriptions to portray the interaction between Hugh’s family and Dana. Driven by Hugh to discover her ancestry, Dana delves into her ambiguous family past in order to learn about the father she never knew.

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Never once did I feel that I was inferior because I had “1 drop of African blood” in me. When a white couple give birth to a baby of African American linage the ground under their feet suddenly vanishes. If so, I want to be around you. The 10th Anniversary Volume drlinsky Uplift is now in print.