Fidelio. Opera in two acts, by L. van Beethoven. [Libretto by Joseph von Sonnleithner]. URL to cite or link to: Original German libretto by Joseph Ferdinand Sonnleithner–New Grove. Book/ Printed Material Fidelio (). Libretto. Libretto. English Leonore / Constancy. Title: Fidelio (). Libretto. English & German; Other Title: Leonore; Alternate Title: Leonore; Contributor Names: Beethoven, Ludwig van —

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The work is a Singspielwith spoken German dialogue.

The same — Pizarro, disguised in a mantle. But for good housekeeping one also needs … No. I must see him; see the poor man, If I should perish over this. Pizarro sieht sich zu raschem Handeln gezwungen: Probably it is there the prisoner fiidelio confined of whom thou hast so often spoken, father? Wenn ich denn verdammt binn, hier fideelio verschmachten, O so lasst mich nicht so langsam enden!

Kein Wort, keine Sylbe! Pizarro is arrested, the prisoners are released, and DonFernando addresses the people. Not a subscriber yet? Afterwards Rocco, with Florestan, press through the Guard and the People. Nicht eher kehrst du wieder, Bis ich vollzogen das Gericht.

Fidelio – Wikipedia

Act 1 Florestan tenora Spanish aristocrat, is a secret prisoner at the orders of Don Pizarro baritonethe cruel governor of a State prison. Ich muss allein mit ihm reden. Oh God, what’s awaiting me?

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Diese Schrift kenne ich. Once I was your dear, good Jaquino, but since this Fidelio Leo [ umarmt ihm. Beethoven struggled to produce an appropriate overture for Fidelioand ultimately went through four versions. Nein, das geht zu weit!

Florestan is saved; for, a moment after, the trumpets signal the arrival of Fernando.

In the spring days of my life Happiness deserted me! Verrumthlich wo der Gefangene sitzt, von dem du schon einigemal gesprochen hast, Vater.

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Mein Schliesser, und in wenig Tagen mein Eidam. Near the gate the Lodge of the Porter. Neglect them, and your head shall be the forfeit. Simultaneously, Pizarro has spread false rumors about Florestan’s death. To what new and dreadful crime Will thy vengeance now induce thee?

Previously in love with Fidelio, Marzelline is shocked. The gate is shut again. Opera in two acts originally three. List of compositions Category: What brightness shines into my grave? Zusammen rafft ich meinen Mut Und trug ihm alles vor; Und sollst du’s glauben, Was er zur Antwort mir gab? Come, follow me all, follow me! Just, oh Lord, your judgement is, You try us, you desert us not. And do I not feel soft whispering air? Glaubst du, dass ich das fkdelio werde?


Fidelio | Grove Music

Fearlessly, unsparingly, I will tear his heart from out him! Die Stunde naht, wo ich dem Gouverneur die Briefschaften bringen muss, die Fidelo abholen sollte. Aus dem Mitleiden, das ich mit Jaquino habe, merke ich erst, wei sehr gut ich Fidelio bin. Retrieved from ” https: Well, have you been resting again for a few moments? A brother’s come to seek his brethren, And can he help, he gladly helps. Rocco, thinking quickly, answers that the prisoners were given a little freedom in honor of the Spanish king’s name dayand quietly suggests that Pizarro should save his anger for the prisoner in the dungeon below.

Rocco says that it is, and instructs Fidelio fivelio leave the dungeon, but Fidelio hides instead. The only other performance of this version was on 10 April But weighty matters now engage my mind. Ei, ei, wie eilfertig! He speaks of death and wounds!

O welch ein Augenblick! Further performances were prevented by a dispute between Beethoven and the theatre management.