Cambridge Core – Communications and Signal Processing – FiWi Access Networks – by Martin Maier. The evolution of broadband access networks toward bimodal fiber-wireless (FiWi ) access networks, described in this book, may be viewed as the endgame of. This article provides an up-to-date survey of hybrid fiber-wireless (FiWi) access networks that leverage on the respective strengths of optical.

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Therefore reduction in energy consumption due to more sleeping opportunity is not very significant. Fixed data rate scheme refers to transmission on one fixed rate.

Wireless local area networks WLAN. accesz

A critical shortcoming of such a FiWi network is its transmission latency, which can seriously affect the QoS accesx real time communications. References Publications referenced by this paper. On the other hand, according to the size of the allocation factor, the efficiency of bandwidth utilization in TM-DBA tends to worsen. Similar to any telecommunication network, energy efficiency is a desirable feature for fiber wireless FiWi access networks. Optimal Pricing for Bandwidth Sharing.

Showing of 10 references. Currently, he is pursuing the M. Yuichi Kawamoto received his B. If the data is not destined to nnetworks of the STA, they immediately go to sleep state till the arrival of next beacon frame. Sincehe has been working for IEEE For wireless sub-network the power saving mode PSM is usually access to save energy. On the networos hand, the GATE frame directs the amount of traffic the OLT has allowed to transmit, along with the beginning time to transmit, to every ONU in order to avoid collision in the upstream traffic.


A new framework was presented to meet strict and diverse QoS requirements over FiWi networks in [16].

May 23, ; Revised: Cambridge University Press, Feb. Due to these features, the FiWi may be considered to be an attractive technology to meet the high bandwidth requirement of the ever increasing number of mobile users and sensors for CPSs.

References Publications referenced by this paper. Another factor affecting active state energy consumption is P ac. We verify the accuracy of our probabilistic analysis by means of simulation for the wireless and wireless-optical-wireless operation modes of various FiWi network architectures under peer-to-peer, upstream, uniform, and nonuniform traffic scenarios.

Survey on Integrated Fiber-Wireless ( FiWi ) Access Network Architectures

Since sleep state consumes less energy than active state; all previous works emphasize on increasing fiw sleeping opportunity of the device and making it energy efficient. Integrated fiber-wireless FiWi access networks provide a powerful platform to improve the throughput of peer-to-peer communication by acceess traffic to be sent from the source wireless client to an ingress optical network unit ONUthen to the egress ONU close to the destination wireless client, and finally delivered to the destination wireless client.

He received the B. However most of the work done so far tries to increase sleeping to gain energy efficiency. Time spent during sleep state T D: Moreover, also the excess bandwidth allocation increase the transmission latency of the data from other ONUs.

OSA | Integrated Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) Access Networks Supporting Inter-ONU Communications

Citation lists with outbound citation links are available to subscribers only. The optical line terminal OLT is the integral part of it which is directly connected to the core Internet and performs all the controlling functionalities, hence also referred as center office CO.


In general data transmission is carried networs with highest possible data rate, so that device can get more sleeping opportunities with minimum transmission delay. Click here to see what’s new. Therefore, the HCCA collection is available because the effect of the overhead is quite small.

Cooperative QoS Control Scheme Based on Scheduling Information in FiWi Access Network

For a time invariant channel with fixed distance between transmitter and receiver estimated active power consumption is used for analysis. In this work, the IEEE standard Therefore in this paper energy efficient rate adaptation algorithm EERAA is proposed which applies rate adaptation mechanism to achieve energy efficiency at wireless front end during active state of a beacon interval for FiWi access network.

In addition, due to the development of smart and portable devices e. Future directions on designing an advanced DBA were also given in [16] for enabling a proactive admission policy for FiWi networks while meeting the QoS requirements of the users.

The framework exploits the available resources in the considered FiWi networks. Inhe joined NTT Laboratories, on research and development of optical communication systems, including passive optical network PON based optical access systems.

Workshops ICCpp. TM-DBA has a factor for allocating bandwidth ranging from 1 to 3.