Exhaust Pipe Venting Information . Manual reset switches are factory installed on burner box. after unit lockout, eliminating nuisance calls for service. Repair Parts List. 69 Refer to Engineering Handbook for additional information. **Consider . G61MPV units are CSA International certified to ANSI. Z Installation and service must be per- formed by a information, consult material safety data sheets available shut off the manual gas valve to the furnace before shutting off . G61MPV units are equipped with a SureLight® ignition sys- tem.

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Insert transducer into the VDC and common inputs.

The following scale shows the relative pH of some common liquids as compared with condensate of G61MPV units. Unit may have multiple. Apply second coat to end of pipe.

Gas Valve GV1 8. All connections for check out will be from the volt- age source below unih or 24V to plug J46, after disconnecting from blower control board. If temperature is too high, first check the firing rate.

See figure 16 and 17 make note of control board used. Clean or replace the filters when necessary to ensure proper furnace operation. Because these unnit have a permanent magnet rotor it does not need brushes like conventional DC motors.

Permitted only if veranda, porch, deck or balcony is fully open on a minimum of two sides beneath the floor. Maintenance Set burner box assembly aside. A bleed port on the switch allows relatively dry air in the vestibule to purge switch tubing, to prevent condensate build up.


Thermostat jumper E20 dictates which mode unit will operate in. Blower speed ramping may be used to enhance dehumidification performance. Lack of differential usually indicates problems in the intake or exhaust piping, but may indicate problems in the heat exchanger, condensing coil, header boxes, combustion inducer or other components.

Before servicing, disconnect all electrical power to furnace. The ignitor energizes sercice the trial until flame is sensed. Any gaps may indicate a defective assembly due to insufficient solvent.

Combustion gases are then pulled through the primary and secondary heat exchangers and exhausted out the exhaust vent pipe.

Lennox G61MPV Service Manual

Since the blower constantly adjusts rpm to maintain a specified cfm, motor ilterature is not rated. Low prove switch open; OR: Total length linear feet of pipe, Plus Equivalent length feet of fittings, Plus Equivalent length feet of termination. Procedures outlined in this manual are presented as a recommendation only and do not supersede or replace local or state codes.

First Stage Second Stage 0 0. Maximum vent length is defined as: See table 5 for status code and table 6 for troubleshooting diagnostic codes. G61MPV units are avail.

G61MPV Service Literature G61MPV SERIES UNITS |

To change blower speed taps see tables 9 and The motor uses permanently lubricated ball-type bearings. Remove four screws which secure combustion air inducer to collector box. The ,iterature off delay affects comfort and is adjustable to satisfy individual applications.


Choose the appropriate side for venting in upflow or downflow positions. The provided air intake screen must not be used in direct vent applications.

See figure 14 and 15 make note of control board used for ignitor location. Condition will cause high CO2 with high CO. Route the drain line to an open drain. It closes a circuit to the furnace control when pressure inside the cold end header box decreases to a certain set point. If this is not possible, a heat cable kit may be used on the condensate trap and line.

Service Manuals | Engineering Documents | Commercial HVAC | Lennox Commercial

Remove any obstacles in front of the intake and exhaust vent which would cause recirculation. All connections for check out will be from 24VAC to plug J46, after disconnecting from blower control board. When exhaust piping must be run up an outside wall, any reduction in exhaust pipe size must be done after the final elbow.

Use pressure test adapter kit available as Lennox part 10L34 to assist in measurement. Condensate drain line should be routed within the conditioned space to avoid freezing of condensate and blockage of drain line.

All specifications in this manual are subject to change.