DRB Digital Reactor Block: 15 x 16 mm vial wells, Vac. Thermostat DRB – the simple solution for all digestions. Pre-programmed for standard digestions (e.g. for COD, Ptot or heavy metals) and freely. Easy-to-use and fast. The Hach DRB Dry Thermostat Reactor provides unique one-key operation. Programs for Hach procedures with digestion are.

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Hach Digital Thermo Reactors , DRB200

You May Also Need: Answer This is just the reactor. Thermostatic Bath ahch Mumbai. Viscosity Instruments in Mumbai. Transparent, locking lid covers 16 x mm vials while protecting the user hahc the unlikely event of a broken reagent vial. Built-in timer features audible alarm and automatic shut-off to prevent overheating. Hi, We are replacing our old COD testing eqiptment and I was wondering if this unit heats and tests the samples, or if a separate unit would need to be used with it to either heat or test samples.

Gach separately controllable heating blocks enable cuvettes and reaction vessels to be digested at identical or different temperatures and time settings. Year of Establishment If after following this procedure you note the temperature is off by more than 2C please give us a call directly. View Contact Call Seller Now. THe digital reading is degrees celsius but it is less than that according to my calibrated thermometer.


Find more suppliers in Mumbai Lab Equipment in Mumbai. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Chemical Reactors in Mumbai. What is the shipping weight of this product? I would like to know how to adjust the COD reactor set temperature. The integrated anti overheating feature and the insulated external shell provide additional safety.

The reactor will emit an audible signal and automatically shut down at the end of the run. When the heating phase is complete, the thermometer temperature should be the same as the temperature shown on the display.

Hach-Lange DRB Thermostat User Manual | 32 pages

Answer We have many distributors, please contact our hacj team for more information. Answer It is 8. We have many distributors, please contact our international team for more information. Rain Water Harvesting Model. Get in Touch with us A.

Please contact our technical application specialists for additional assistance contact information can be found on the product web page. This is just the reactor. For a complete system you would also need the colorimeter and COD test kits. I work in a waste water treatment plant.


Hach DRB Digital Reactor Block Drb | eBay

Additionally, the temperature shown in the display corresponds to the temperature in a closed HACH vial filled with an aqueous medium. Legal Status of Firm Proprietorship Firm. Hi ,my name is Nurun islam.

You have qualified for free shipping with this order. The DRB has a digital timer with an automatic switch-off and acoustic signal and the two transparent splash protection lids close the thermostat while it is heating.

Hach Volumetric Pipette, 2. Nature of Business Exporter.

The DRB has erb200 digital timer with an automatic switch-off and acoustic signal and the two transparent splash protection lids close the Call Send a quick message. For full specifications and operating instructions view the instruction manual linked below.

Fill a clean, empty vial with glycerol at room temperature, and insert the thermometer until it touches the bottom of the vial.

Insert the vial in the center opening of the second row of the test block.