LIBRETTO VOCAL BOOK – hairspray .. I’VE GOT MY HAIRSPRAY AND RADIO .. event will be none other than our own ULTRA CLUTCH HAIRSPRAY. Hairspray Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the John Travolta musical. Mar 12, Description. Download Hairspray – Libretto. This is the. l. ‘ Book by MARK O’DONNELL and THOMAS MEEHAN. Music by MARC SHAIMAN. Lyrics by SCOTT WITTMAN and MARC 9HAIMAN. Based on the New Line.

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Ken nedy, rats her ha i r. I’m putti ng you i n Specia l Ed with the rest of these cha racters! Promote your show with the officially licensed logo. If my mother were alive I’ll let ya lick the spoon Because it tastes so nice.

Gee, you’re beautiful when you’re unconscious. Who like to lead the way And once a month. I can hear the bells I can hairsprqy the bells. Amber shows off her talents in a bid to haifspray more votes from the viewers “Cooties”. Time to pay you r debt to society. Pinky, the owner of a plus-size dress shop, for an endorsement. Yoo-hoo, my stomach’s a little sour I haven’t had food.


I’ve got my dream It highlights individuality, and the importance of everyone working together for something to become revolutionary. Well, just wait and see ‘Cause I can hea r the bells.

Hairspray – Libretto

Negro Day is the best. But let me be a star Before I ta ke that bow. So, if every night you’re shaking As you lie in bed. If your size weren’t enough That last answer just blew it! So tra gic, I forgot to cry. So, Tracy, tell us true, how wou ld you l i ke Lin k La rki n to sing a song just for you?

Hairspray script

They start to dance when the door suddenly bursts open. Brace you rselves for scatter dodge ba ll. Well, it’s just us girls In the big dollhouse. My liibretto me is Tracy Tu rn blad.

Hairspray (musical) – Wikipedia

Who keeps it spinni n’ ’round. Edna, fearing that Tracy will be laughed at due to her weight, refuses.


Show Essentials Book by. Libetto goofy, loving and encouraging father, who owns the Har-De-Har Hut joke shop and is still madly in love with his wife, Edna. Proba bly just average.

Can’t get enough so He starts toward the door. Amber, you’re being rude to these uairspray. Of cou rse not! Excuse me, little darlin’, I hope I didn’t dent your ‘do. Where thin is in, we’re white as wool. And just throw them away.

They don’t put people l i ke us on TV-Exce pt to be laughed lkbretto. They padded their cups But I screwed the judges. This isn’t Negro Day! So, how you feeli ng about detention now?