HeroQuest Hero Quest English Adventure Design Kit information and resource downloads. Quest Book, New Character Sheet and Sticker Sheet. OG ON IN Ixt Y. 1 v w & A zat X Y + L e @ 2 0 TM. HEROQUEST. | CHARACTER NAME: PLAYER NAME: | GAME SETTING I GENRE. CHARACTER. Steam Workshop: Tabletop Simulator. I made this using Mr Stumps awesome template, to get the scripting. Its the original Character Sheet.

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As a result of that, I made up loads of my own houserules, and supporting miscellanea — like this character sheet I’m posting today.

Character sheet.JPG

We’re glad to present this worldwide exclusive: HeroScribe’s main output format is EPSthe de-facto standard in the printing heroqyest. Advanced Heroquestcharacter sheetfree thingsGames WorkshopHero Questminiature gamingold schoolprintableWarhammer Quest. Every HeroQuest icon is included in HeroScribe. Barbarian Dwarf Elf Wizard. I am going to run an AHQ campaign for the first time and the two character sheets per page is just what I was looking for. Just paste an image, enter the text and save as a jpeg.

Posted by Daemon at HeroQuest smilies We have worked on some HeroQuest smilies you may want to use on your boards: Each game is a unique adventure set in a different underground stronghold. And, arguably, the internet’s least.


Best viewed with HeroQuest Fonts installed. Which daring Hero will you be? The character sheets I’m posting today have been updated just a bit to be suitable for the outside world. Sorry but someone’s heroqueat is forcing us to say what follows: HeroScribe is written in Java and PostScript.

Air Spells characetr Cards in total. Check out Zenithfleet’s Readme page for information about this card pack. There are some JPEG files too: Character Sheet European version Here ‘s a PDF with the Character Sheet from the European version of the game, ready to be printed; we have designed it in vector graphics.

Will the land be saved from destruction? Hopefully its a lot more usable now as you can edit and don’t need to cross things out. Download it and install it before HeroScribe. Sleep Veil of Mist Water of Healing. For many years the land has been at peace. Preceded by Milton Bradley’s Hero Quest and succeeded by Games Workshop’s Warhammer Quest, it has the difficulties of the middle child, but it’s somehow always been my favourite of this type of game.

Please note that – to keep the size small – their quality is much lower than the quality of the actual HeroScribe output. heroques

The articfact you’ve earned? Contents 35 finely crafted figures from Citadel Miniatures. Thanks for doing this!

Character Template European Photoshop users and those who can import Photoshop files can make use of this ready-made European Style Character Template. Click above if you’re happy using a PNG file, look below for the PDFs Not quite a board game, not quite a roleplaying game, definitely a miniatures game but entirely unlike a wargame, Advanced Heroquest is somewhat of a forgotten gem, in my mind. Every adventure you complete takes you one step closer to becoming a Hero – a status that few can claim.


The Wizard – A master of arcane lore whose knowledge and use of magic is unrivalled. Genie Swift Wind Tempest.

HeroQuest :: Design & Game Tools :: English (United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand) :: Ye Olde Inn

There are great treasures to be won and grim monsters to defeat in heeroquest lavish game of magical adventure. This Quest Book file is in booklet format. Few can match him in mortal combat! A full colour screen, herouqest which the Evil Wizard player plans his moves. With mutant monster forces, you’ll plot against the Heroes. Fire Spells 3 Cards in total. One of you will play the part of Zargon, the Evil Sorcerer.