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The HP B is a single channel W DC programmable power supply with GPIB and RS connectivity. It is part of the HP x series. Agilent B/B/B/B System DC Power. Supplies All references to HP-IB have been changed to GPIB. A note about. I just picked up two HP B power supplies as I read somewhere quickly that it not only can be programmed via GPIB to set voltage/current.

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I have some old scopes with fans in them, and the b is typically quieter than most of them.

Page 36 5 – Front Panel Operationj Displaycharacter vacuum fluorescent display for showing output measurementsand programmed values. After much swearing, compressed air, and windex, the inside of the chassis looked like this: Refer to the Safety Summary page at 662b beginning of this guide for general safetyinformation.

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Make sure the mode switchon the rear panel is set to Normal. Therefore, the total acquisition time for a single front panelmeasurement is about milliseconds. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Other automatic fault conditions such as overtemperature also will disable the output. Also, if hhp sum of theprogrammed voltage and the load-lead drop exceeds the dc source’s maximum voltage rating, thismay also trip the OV protection circuit.

The dc source must be in set to Local mode to use the front panel controls.


It includes a dc source, whichproduces dc output with programmable voltage and current amplitude, and a highly accuratevoltage and current meter, with the capability to measure very low-level 663b2. Page 35 5Front panel Ho is what you will find in this chapter: Page 31 4Turn-On CheckoutIntroductionSuccessful tests in this chapter provide a high degree of confidence that the dc source is operatingproperly. Page 18 2 — General InformationSafety ConsiderationsThis dc source is a Safety Class 1 instrument, which means it has a protective earth terminal.

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The following procedure assumes that the unit turns on in the factory-default state. Hewlett-Packard Company assumes noliability for the customer’s failure to comply with these requirements. Page 41 Front Panel Operation – 5Entry KeysRefer to the examples later in this 66332b for more details on the use of these keys.

Theoutput dropped to zero, CV turned off, and Protturned on.

Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) B used or new for sale at used-line

One of the cool things about these supplies is that they talk RS in many languages. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located.

Query and clear the dc source overcurrent protection feature as follows: The dc source must beinstalled in a location that allows sufficient space at the sides and back of the unit for adequate aircirculation see Bench Operation.

Your manual failed to upload Safety SummaryThe following general safety precautions must be observed during all phases of operation of this instrument. B – Verification and Calibration5. UnrThe output is unregulated.


When 6632h unit is operating in frontpanel meter mode, all front panel measurements are calculated from a total of readings takenat a I have two such supplies and they are really cool.

Press Shift, OV,Enter8. The calibration procedure can only be performed using the SCPI languagecommands. Front Panel Operation – 5Entry KeysRefer to the examples later in this chapter for more details on the use of these keys.

The dc sourceis shipped with its HP-IB address set to 5.

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For verification tests, see appendix B. The next problem was the fact that the front panel meter was a little off from what I was measuring at the output. ASpecificationsSpecificationsTable A-1 lists the specifications of the dc source. Page 37 Front Panel Operation – 5System KeysRefer to the examples later in this chapter for more details on the use of these keys.

Still, if your device is significantly out of cal, you can get a lot closer. Tell us about it. Table B-1 lists the equipment required for calibration. Read the application-note about testing the solar-cells.