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This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada staff. It is posted on the. Nov 21, – To apply for a PRRA, you must complete and submit the form, Application for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (IMM ). IMM E Application for a Pre-removal Risk Assessment IMM E Application for a Risk Assessment further to Section (1) of the.

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Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) – Immigration to Canada Information

You may also submit documents in support of your written submissions. For use by officers when in possession of information that may support a 55088 intervention, cessation or vacation process.

Consult IRCC office mailing addresses. Skip to main content Skip to “About this site”.

To record search details including the type of search, authorization, officers involved and search results used by CBSA officers only. Section B — Appointment of Representative.

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Do I have to include my family members on my application? Or at least is there any other way for my cousin to get the permanent residency during the PRRA process? This is not a legal document.

Full adoption means an adoption that severs a pre-existing legal parent-child relationship. To ensure that the stay of your removal order remains in effect while your application is being processed, you must submit your application within the deadlines specified in your Notification Regarding a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment. A generic form used for all secure documents Refugee Protection Claimant Document, Interim Federal Health Certificate, visitor record, work or study permits, temporary resident permit.


You may be asked to attend an interview. Supporting evidence On the form, list each of the documents you will be submitting and how each supports your request for protection; use an extra sheet of paper if you need more space. To determine eligibility of family members to be processed under OYW opportunity Quebec uses its own form.

Guide – Applying for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment –

If you do not have a valid work permit, and 558 submit your PRRA application on time, you may apply for a work permit up until such time as a decision is made on your application. A generic form used for: Fill in this section if you wish to cancel the appointment of 5508 representative.

What will the PRRA officer take into account in assessing my application? Do not use initials. It is not a country in which you were a foreign student or guest worker. Tips that will assist you with this application. Your child or the child of your spouse or common-law partner im be considered a dependent child if that child meets the requirements below on the lock-in date:.

Also include applications for PRRA.

Although you do not need to hire counsel, you may—at your own expense—be assisted by a lawyer or other authorized representative. What kind of risks would I face and why? I can’t find what I’m looking for. Furthermore, the PRRA officer may refer to sources of information that are publicly available. How might a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment help me? If you wish to submit any documents in another language, you must also provide an English or French translation of the document, and a translator’s declaration.


If you previously made a refugee claim, you may be eligible to receive coverage of certain medical costs under the Interim Federal Health IFH program.

How does my situation compare with the situation of the rest of the population in my country of nationality or habitual residence?

Do I have access to medical care while my application is being processed? Fill out and sign your application form IMM If you wishprepare written submissions and compile documentary evidence.

Refugee protection: related forms

If you appoint a compensated representative who is not a member in good standing of one of these designated bodies, your application will be returned. There are two 2 types of representatives.

Section C — Cancel the Appointment of a Representative. This change will start when the new asylum system comes into effect later this year.

Bellissimo Law Group is a recognized name in Canadian immigration. You do not have to pay someone for them to be your representative.