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Many globular clusters show evidence for multiple stellar populations as a spread in the u-g color of stars in a given phase of stellar evolution, and in some clusters, the populations have different radial distributions.

The polysaccharide fractions showed activity in a concentration dependent manner which was comparable to the standard, ascorbic acid. Reprinted from Washington University Studies v. The Case of the “New” Geography. This eruption may be the biggest during the past five millennia in the Central Volcanic Zone of the Andes, and possibly one of the largest Holocene eruptions in the world. The rotation rate is similar to the paleomagnetically measured rotation rate The objectives of the study were to determine the characteristics of the near-infrared spectra of patchouli oil and classify it based on its origin.

The marked inhibitory effect on paw edema shows that Albizia lebbeck possesses remarkable anti-inflammatory activity, supporting the folkloric usage of the plant to treat various inflammatory diseases. Extreme runoff from the upper Blanco catchment aggraded the channel and deposited up to several meters of tephra, alluvium, and LW along the entire river system. Memoire sur l’authenticite de la lettre de Toscanelli du 25 juin addressee d’abord au Portugais Fernam Martins et plus tard a Christophe Colomb.

Regarding anti- Candida albicans activity, the MIC value was 2. Results showed that liming affects the biomass production, essential oil yield and chemical composition, with cross interaction verified between chemotype and limestone dosage.


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Although tectonically generated earthquakes occur frequently along the BTFZ, this swarm was unusual in that it was preceded and accompanied by periodic, low-frequency, long-duration acoustic signals, that originated from near the swarm epicenters. The thiobarbituric-acid-reactive-substances TBARS and yeast and mold counts YMC of the wrapped cheeses were analyzed during 60 d of refrigerated storage. The results indicate that the MP3 fraction exerts cytotoxic activity on HCT cells via induction of apoptosis triggered by loss of mitochondrial membrane potential crucial for cell survival.

Die Entwicklung der Anthropogeographie seit der Jahrhundertwende und ihre Bedeutung fur die geschichtliche Landesforschung. Earthquakes on oceanic transform faults often show unusual behaviour. C were measured 30 cm below the surface. Chlorophyll content was also found decreased but no changes in polyphenol oxidase enzyme activity. Kuntze Cultivated in Tunisia. Effects of Bauhinia championii Benth. Ueber den Begriff des Horizontes, insbesondere des geographischen oder naturlichen, und dessen geschichtliche Entwickelung.

The hematological and biochemical profiles did not show significant differences except for a decrease in the MCV and an increase in albumin, but these variations are within the limits described for the species.

The treatments were four dosages of limestone 0, 3.

Two times fertilizer application gave better growth and yield. Department of Energy and its predecessor agencies conducted a program in the s and s that evaluated technology for the nuclear stimulation of low-permeability gas reservoirs. Lamiaceae against various Candida isolates. In this research, Ponkan fruit cultivated in either a greenhouse or open field were used to investigate differences in the expression of genes related to citrate metabolism during maturation in the two environments.

The division between Li-poor and Li-rich i.

Introducción a la bioquímica: texto programado – William Kay Stephenson – Google Books

The volcanic eruption affected almost 3,5 km 2 of evergreen forest on the southern left bank, because of primary direct effects from pyroclastic density currents and lahar-floods that caused deposition up to 8 m of reworked tephra, alluvium, and wood on floodplains and terrace along the Rio Blanco.


Heywood, a new chemotype from Montenegro. Citrus reticulata Blanco Rutaceae leaves are usually bitten to flavor the mouth and possess this type effect in lips and tongues; due to this fact the structure of the bioctive compound could be the source of other types of analgesics.

Associated Colleges of the Midwest. Bioactivity-directed chromatographic separation of the essential oil led to the isolation of pogostone, patchoulol, and caryophyllene as active compounds. Samples were analyzed for gamma-emitting radionuclides by high-resolution gamma spectroscopy and tritium using the conventional and enriched methods. We developed and validated the first microsatellite markers for this tetraploid species, evaluating mother trees and progenies.

Declaraciones hechas por D. Sperm motility and density in cauda epididymides were assessed. Here, we investigated the antiulcer activity of hydroalcoholic fruit extract of P.

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MS medium supplemented with 1. For this purpose, the experiments were performed in a greenhouse, using 8-litre pots.

The object of the survey was to determine if there were man-made radioisotopes on or near the surface resulting from a nuclear explosion in Chapters 3 documents a probable volcanogenic T-wave event swarm along a pull-apart basin within the western BTFZ during January The stars with excesses include two A stars, four F dwarfs, and two G dwarfs.

Typical internal measurement precision is 0. Kuntze is an exotic tree, which was introduced many years ago and planted introcuccion ornamental street, garden, and park tree. Recently, there has been an emphasis on the use of medicinal plants worldwide.