THEORIES OF INSTRUCTIONAL MANAGEMENT. PISMP Wan Nur Amalina Wan Mansor Fuzilla Ayub Salwa Wahidan Nur Asyiqin Mohd Razli. JACOB. Models of classroom discipline and its application The Kounin Model (Group Management) By Jacob Kounin; 3. Introduction to Kounin’s Model. Choice Theory. William Glasser Systems Theory. Solution Kounin, Jacob S. ( ) Discipline and Group Management in Classrooms. Holt, Rinehart and.

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The teacher can lose control over a disruptive student. Kounin’s Theory in the classroom. Being able to keep kounun track without getting on tangents as well as being diverted by irrelevant questions or information is important. When helping an individual student, the teacher faces the rest of the class.


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A green card could stand for Lizzy, Gary, and Greg to be at the Math station. This way, the teacher can rule out whether the student might cause some sort of interruption or truly has something to say about what they are learning.

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The teacher should make the students aware of her expectations and enforce them by displaying them so that the students can all be “with-it”. Published by Charlene Barrett Modified over 2 years ago. This Lesson Movement is achieved through withitness, overlapping, momentum, smoothness, and group focus.


Group focus – This strategy can be implemented in several ways: Valuable instructional time is often wasted in the process of the teacher moving the class from one mznagement activity to the next. However, the model has a tendency to work with most students and maintains a well organized classroom with minimal inappropriate behaviors. I saw many of his methods used by my Practicum teacher back in the spring. Once the students are doing their work the teacher can go to the tardy student and tell them what they missed or answer any questions from the homework assigned the night before.

It is very important that elementary instructors maintain their energy and enthusiasm when presenting to their students. This means that with-it-ness, overlapping, smoothness, momentum, and group focus all must meld together to form a coherent whole.

From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Classroom Management Theorists and Theories. The teacher may also want to classroom a respectable suggestion to inform theoty student that their behavior is unacceptable. The belief is that doing this will show other students that they will not get away with this either.

Views Read Edit View history. He noticed how the reactions of teachers to students affected classroom management in a negative way. Teachers that make lessons more interesting avoid satiation. Policies and guidelines Contact us.

The “with-it-ness” that comes with being an effective teacher is most often the fruit of planning and keeps students on task. Arranging the classroom so that all students are always within eyesight.



In order for implementation to be effective the teacher must be well organized, communicate their expectations to their students, and hold them responsible for their actions to encourage motivation and attention.

The teacher could have a visual of a pocket chart to show where that group will be during the time granted. We think you have liked this presentation. An effective lesson pulls the student along. The teacher can have a canister of popsicle sticks that have each students name on them. When every student always has something to do, each will not become bored and find off-task behavior to engage in.

Classroom Management Theorist JACOB KOUNIN.

While the early-finishers are staying busy the teacher is allowed to move around the room to answer question or assist struggling students. Kounin found that teaching style directly affects student behaviour, and that teachers who are organised, have well planned lessons, and are constantly aware of all students and happenings in their classroom will have success in preventing unwanted and off task behaviour.

He asserts that momentum and smoothness are key to keeping students engaged and on task. This can be done through exciting announcements, demonstrations, or by changing the atmosphere of learning.

Overlapping is the process of attending to two or more events at the same time.