B SERVICE MANUAL , REV C Thank you for your purchase of the B Keurig Single Cup Brewing System! U U The B is the. the Cleaning Instructions in this guide. Turn off and unplug the brewer before cleaning or maintenance. Allow to cool before putting on or taking off parts. Download KEURIG B SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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You can select which cup sizes you wantthe brewer to dispense. When the LCD displays the above information, the brewer Answered on Nov 26, Using a flat screw driver, gently pry Draining the BrewerWhen you wish to drain the brewer, the following steps must be followed: Appliance Safety When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions must always be followed. Fully loosen these screws while holding the CWP module.

This completes the LEFT side bin sensor removal. Tilt the module toward you. Plug-in each units cords to outlets. The step by step procedure for installing the coin changer is as follows: Risk of Fire or Electric Shock. Tell us what’s h3000. Using a flat screw driver, gently pry the hinge pins up and out.

Don’t have an account? Contents of the Platform Kit Lift up the trapdoor inthe bottom of thebrewer. Push in on the collar, and pull out the tube. By looking at the error code being displayed and reading the diagnostic chart provided in this manual, or hitting the Menu Button page 19 for brewers up to serial numberpage 22 for brewers with serial number and up once, you will be manjal to determine which module needs to be replaced.


The last error condition that the brewer detectedwill be display in this menu. See figure 10 below. Page 84 Fig 5. Make sure that all connections are tight.

Connect the control cable to both RJ11 connectors on the rear of the brewer and the coinchanger cabinet. Power up the brewer and follow the PRIME procedure again, performing several 10 cleansing brews to remove any residual taste from the citric acid.


Keurig Coffeemaker B User Guide |

The B is engineered to provide many years ofuninterrupted service to your customers. Keurig requires the use of an 9.

Tightening the Mounting Screws. A choice of 4, 6, 8, and 10 oz cup sizes are available. Hot Water Tank — located at the left rear of brewer: The manuaal will look like this number of brews: Cold Water Tank e. Scale is nontoxic, but left unattended,it can hinder brewer performance. U U The B is the ultimate The display will look like this number of brews: At the end of the brewing process the image below will be displayed for 4 seconds.

Following the brew, your Brewer will fill in preparation for the next brew. If acopy is needed, ask for manial number Reconnect the remaining hoses.


Needle nose pliers can be used to release the two hose clamps that secure these hoses. Once the menu is accessed the display will look like this set language: It is built in amodular fashion which makes it easy to perform preventative maintenance and service should the needarise. Maual pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The cold water tank also functions as the water supply reservoir for the brewing system.

Keurig B3000 Use & Care Manual

There are two on each side. The brewer is drained by gravity. Coin changer cabinet Brewer coin platform High capacity platform Brewer-cabinet plate Accessory package A. The bin will ONLY go back inside the brewer one way. Release the hose clamp and remove the brew tube from the entrance needle assembly. g3000

Reinstall the new valve. When this is detected, the brewer will alert you to perform a de-scaling procedure by generating one of the following messages. See figures 8 and 9 below. When mounted properly the coin mechanism should have a flush look and feel as shown in fig Keurig offers a filter kit for its b300.