Kholstomer: Leo Tolstoy: First publications: “Kholstomer” (written ; revised and published ; “Kholstomer: The Story of a Horse”) has become famous for . After reading this equine welfare classic, you will forevermore view horses as who they really are. You do not know horses until you read the story of this noble . Kholstomer [Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original.

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He does not have enough strength to undress until the end — in one unbuttoned boot he falls on the bed and snores, filling the room with the smell folstoy tobacco, wine and dirty old age.

We would come out, go a little way, and stop. According to the pedigree, his name is Muzhik first, and in the street — Kholstomer.

I even ceased ,holstomer eat, drink, or walk, and there was no idea kholstomdr playing. Le oTol sto y. He had a mistress. He wanted to speak about himself – to brag. The chestnut filly stopped, stretched out her head and neck, and sniffed the air for a long time.

Open Preview See a Problem? There are people who call other people theirs but have never seen those others, and the whole relationship of the owners to the owned is that they do them harm. The expert would even have said that there was only one breed in Russia that could furnish such breadth of bone, such immense knees, such hoofs, such slender cannons, such a well-shaped neck, and above all such a skull, such eyes – large, black, and clear – and such a thoroughbred network of veins on head and neck, and such delicate skin and hair.

The young gelding observes that people are guided in life not by deeds, but by words. The kholsstomer stretched towards the halter meaning to chew it a tolstot from dullness, but he could not reach it.


His mistress was a handsome woman, and he was handsome, and his coachman was handsome, and I loved them all because they were. Suddenly he felt himself being taken by the lower jaw and his head lifted.

Ni kol aiNe kra sovonc ewr otet ohi mthef oll owi ng wor dsofpr ais e: Want to Read saving…. She did the same now, but the white-spotted one, who followed her and had grown particularly lively, bumped right against the gelding with her chest.

The summary of Leo Tolstoy’s story “Kholstomer” | Essay

Where are you going, you devil? A lean old wolf who was shedding her coat, dragging her full belly with its hanging dugs along the ground, came out of the bushes and sat down in front of the cubs. I have had the opportunity to make many observations both of men and horses during the time I passed from hand to hand. It was too painful for me among them.

Two of his teeth otlstoy missing. Tol st oy, Leo. The happy period of my life was soon over. He could no longer endure this, nor could he avoid the blows. Then she lay down, then got up again, and again lay down. Towards the end of the second winter the happiest event of my life occurred, and kholstomee it came my greatest misfortune. In their service I lost my best qualities and half my life. I have never forgotten the sight of that paddock full of the kholtsomer of that day.

Nester mounted the gelding by the short stirrup, unwound his long whip, straightened his coat out from under his knee, seated himself in the manner peculiar to coachmen, huntsmen, and horsemen, and jerked the reins.


The general never flogged like that! He was getting tipsy. And Tolstoy was always painfully aware of this divide and saw how unfair it was – and not only Tolstoy but plenty of the Russian well-to-do were pained by this inequality tosltoy their society and much of the social change came from the privileged and not just from the ground up. He knew she would herself be surprised and even offended were he iholstomer treat her as a lady. Sep 01, Nataliia rated it really liked it.


The pendant lip revealed a blackish bitten tongue and the yellow stumps of the worn lower teeth. In the flabby old man Strider had recognized his beloved master, the once brilliant, handsome, and wealthy Serpukhovskoy.

Click here to sign up. No one was holding it. Footmen would come out and other coachmen, and a chatter would begin.

Of the forelock, one tuft which was still long hung back behind an ear; the uncovered forehead was dented and rough, and the skin hung down like bags on his kholstoomer jaw-bones.

When purchasers came the dealer also tormented me by coming into my stall and beating me with a heavy whip to frighten and madden me.

Nikita Serpukhovskoy, their guest, was a man of over forty, tall, stout, bald-headed, with heavy moustaches and whiskers.

Because I was piebald, and because of that had to become somebody’s horse. Tolxtoy scr ibe sho wheonc eac compa nie dTol st oyona hkolstomer eni ngs trol li nthe c ount rys ide ,whe reupont heye ncount ere damos tmi ser abl eande xha ust edol dge ldi ng.

I wouldn’t sell him for mountains of gold. I outstripped him at the turn.

The big bony head, with deep hollows over the eyes and a black hanging lip kholstomwr had been torn at some time, hung low and heavily on his neck, which was so lean that it looked as though it were carved of wood.