Slide after slide, Kishore Biyani runs through a presentation on Ashoka . his book, The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swamy. Kishore Biyani is an Indian businessman was born on 9 August in Mumbai. He is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Future. It Happened in India. 9 January | Unabridged. by Biyani Kishore and Shantiraj Naye Daur Ki Ore. May by Kishore Biyani.

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Slide after slide, Kishore Biyani runs through a presentation on Ashoka, the story of a repentant king changing his ways after the bloody war of Kalinga.

Ah now that was a nice read! Must read for a budding entrepreneur. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Recently Written A surprise call Short Story: He talks about building emotional connect with consumers.

Doing something that opposes the established bihani of beliefs is not an easy task. It has created a belief system, my belief system. It Happened in India: It was around this time, in Novemberthat he married Sangita Rathi and also made his first venture into business on his own account, commissioning the manufacture of some fashionable fabric for sale to garment manufacturers.

From building shopping malls, developing consumer brands to selling insurance, he is getting into every business where a customer spends her money. Oct 26, Vinay Venugopal rated it liked it.

Sep 02, Ravish rated it really liked it. I will add yours in my blogroll. Work done in the first autobjography months gave Paytm a strong foundation, says founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

Known for a thrifty approach to running his businesses, with precepts such as modest corporate travel and hospitality arrangements, [3] Biyani has acknowledged the role of luck in his business success at this time, which he says was the coincidence of his ambitious ideas and the growth of an Indian middle-class with disposable income to spend.

He was running the largest retailer in the country and was named as retailer of the year by the National Retail Federationwhich at one earlier point had refused even to admit him. He has absorbed his entire family into the Future Group. And essentially, every such company took some unconventional steps and went through a lot of transformations. The views I express here are not related to my current and previous employers.


Kishore Biyani- Success Behind Future Group

But every Arjun has a Karan. Goosebumps event of Big Bazaar and progress. It happened In India- his autobiography: It’s an attempt to convey the reader that kushore KB’s grounded and unconventional approach made him really the father of modern retailing in India. These stores were designed deliberately to appear somewhat chaotic, like the traditional bazaars with which his customers were familiar.

It Happened In India: The Story of Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Central and the Great Indian Consumer

Off hand I can think of topics like decision making, human resources, planning, execution, brand building etc. The reason being is that it probably reflects the thought process of KB. He confided that even till today he visits some of his stores and observes the consumers to understand their needs and their thoughts.

His family members hold significant managerial positions in the firm, while he hires professionals to cater to the other specialized needs of the business. We pray to the cow because it is a source of nutrition.

It speaks volumes on changing Indian consumerism and effective means of capitalizing on that.

Why Kishore Biyani is on a creation, preservation and destruction mission

The book is autobiogarphy structured and takes us through the journey of Future Group as it grows into a successful brand. At the same time its also a good management book with anecdotes which shed light on various management related topics.

He emphasizes on how he brought Indianness to the business and how he studied Indian consumers with passion. The only complaint I have to the author is that maybe this book was written too soon.

A rather unconventional thinker, Biyani tends to view things in the abstract, using allegory rather than theory. A must-read for any entrepreneur who wants t Astounding insights, not-so-new revelations and a lot of pithy Kishore-isms make up this business book which is as much the story of the Future Group as it is about Kishore Biyani himself.

Kishore Biyani is highly regarded as the retail king of India. Sep 19, Pallavi Kamat rated it liked it. He is a person who builds long-term relationships, always looking at the big picture, revels in his Indianness and is always looking out for the next hack. Pantaloons is no longer a part of the ,ishore Group. It epitomizes the problems faced by him trying to sutobiography out of his boyani business to try something new and the hardships faced overcoming which taught him many a lesson.

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This isn’t a typical business narrative. A must-read for any entrepreneur who wants to make it big – which is just about anybody these days. The reason being that the special offers available autobiograpy Big Bazaar, had managed to attract a sea of people and the store had jishore be shut down temporarily due to security reasons. His Pillar of Support- his Family: Sep 24, Azamali rated it really liked it Shelves: This book gives an insight into how an average Indian shops, how indian business work, and how to take ideas from ones immediate environment to build something which suits or caters to the needs of the majority.

Good insights into the retail industry 10 years back when this book was written. Dec 31, Prachiti Talathi Gandhi rated it really liked it. Through out the book he mentioned autobiograpjy his experiences about Indian market and how he applied different strategies to be s Kishor Biyani, a man behind Pantaloon, Big Bazaar, Central, etc.

But why is Biyani doing a reset in the way he does business? The book has its own underlying connotations,sometimes giving advice and at other times detailing the qualities of Kishore Biyani kiwhore rose from a common baniya to become one of the top en Though the book was not a smooth ride as is the case autoiography with non-fiction stuff, yet it would not bore you too much given the transcripts and real life scenarios expressed in the form of stories by people involved with Pantaloons and other group companies of Future group like Central,Big Bazaar to name a few.

Feb 08, Pradeep Thakur added it. V V K Chandra.