Norway Accounting. Standard kontoplan NS Developed by. Datalege AS & ZedeSTech. Please log in to comment on this module. Please choose a rating. Is Norwegian Standard Accounts Specification – Norsk Standard Kontoplan At , use for instance the search-term: Accounts; NS E is the. If norwegian standard Chart of Accounts is used by the invoice receiver, then NS must be the leftmost content of the account cost string.

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Order, Order response, Invoice, Credit note.

Issuer unknown, used for internal customer numbers. 412 example CustomizationID below indicates that the contents of the current message is based on business rules determined by BII urn: Correct element-naming for payee party in chapter 6. Replacing rules with rules in EHF Common.

In such cases may receiver be seen as unable to handle the format. If there is no separate line for special tax, the assumption is that the special tax is 41002 in the price.

EHF Invoice and Creditnote

The EHF format assumes that all amounts on the header level have a maximum of 2 decimal places. This makes it possible to implement an efficient and automated control of the invoice and the originating transactions.

Consequences of Implementing this version Version 2. Important to notice, there is no code list for this element, and the interactive parties must agree on syntaxes and semantics.


The document fails to validate: Dynamic display of invoice and creditnote based on XML instance documents will be developed by Difi.

Example files Example files are provided to help implementers. Guide Updating links in 3. In such cases the name and address of the tax representative must be included in the invoice. CustomizationID may be extended with more elements for specific trade or business validation rules. Account Invoicing Financial advance is not previously invoiced, ref.

The issuer has in that case 2 options:. The line level, applies to the line level and is included in the calculation of the line amount. Examples of relevant profiles are:. The following scenarios may arise: Validator Fixing implementation of most rules for higher quality. Supplying buyer information on the header level in an EHF invoice message. For these the endpoint ID and the legal registration ID will be compliant.

If so, Difi will inform the public via the web site and their registered users via e-mail. Instead a credit note must be posted internally and not submitted. Chapter 2 gives kontoplna change history of the document.

The issuer has in that case 2 options: Invoice total inclusive VAT and rounding. The ELMA registration verifies that an actor has declared the ability and the commitment to receive business documents composed according to the specific implementation guide, n any party is free to send the business document to this actor.

Norway – Accounting | Odoo Apps

Chapter 1 gives a short introduction describing the background and objective of this implementation guide. Exchanging Catalogue and Order requires no registration in ELMA, and actors are advised to include the use of electronic messages in the purchase contract or to supply an collaboration agreement as an attachment, in order to link the electronic collaboration with the mercantile regulations and thus achieve a regularly revision of the electronic process.


Example, electronic invoice B2C with automatic debit Avtalegiro. Converting guide to Asciidoctor format. A revision is in principle a result of bug fixing the latest sub version, and will be announced at release time and should be implemented without further delay. Invalid GLN number provided. The Norwegian description will be translated during review. Guide Fix minor bug in Invoice and Credit Note example files.

FOR nr PartyTaxScheme’ must be omitted.

These charges are at line level, and must be included when calculating the line amount. The receiver informs the sender manually about the situation. Novemberand is mandatory from the same date.

Картинки: Kontoplan enkeltmannsforetak

The use of electronic solutions may reduce time spent on public procurement, increase the competition and arrange for purchases to be more transparent and easier to re-examine. If the document is not posted in the issuing accounting system, it may be modified and resubmitted.

The invoice settles the financial advance.